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Cookies & Dieting

A cookie certainly isn't going to destroy your diet.

On the other hand, a tough, untasty cookie lump is going to leave you totally unsatisfied which may mean trotting back to the cookie jar and grabbing not one, but a handful of  good-tasting cookies. See, we just saved over 300 calories in this one little sentence!

Fruit in the Daily Diet, a Wise & Healthy Choice for Dieters

Pomegranates are beautiful in salads and also make a luscious juice. Be careful of the dye as it may stain.

Pomegranate Calories - About 50 Calories per 3 ounces which is about 1/2 a medium pomegranate.

Fruit also helps fill up that empty spot in your tummy so you'll be feeling content while your co-worker hits the vending machine for that cupcake at mid-morning break.

Fat, Sugar, Calories & Carb Tips

Fats & Weight Loss

A large bucket of buttered popcorn at the movies contains about 1,650 calories - probably more calories that your diet plan contains for an entire day.

Cutting Sugar for Losing Excess Pounds

How many calories does a 32 ounce soda at the movies contain? About 450. Opt for the diet offerings instead. How many calories?   Zero.

Sensible Carbohydrates

Good Carbs vs Bad Carbs - When carb dieting opt for complex carbs over simple carbs.

Example of complex carb: brown rice
Example of simple carb: donut

Calories for Waist Trimming

Calories count - so count those calories! Counting calories is one of the most accurate ways (if not the most accurate way) of controlling and managing weight.

Beverage Recipes for Dieters

Quick Diet Float Recipes

Enjoy a diet concoction of diet 7-Up or diet Sprite and 1/2 cup of your favorite pineapple or lime sherbet. About 100 calories, depending upon your favorite brand of sherbet.

Enjoy a Diet Coke Float! Take 1 can of your favorite Diet Coke (we adore Diet Vanilla Coke) and add 1/2 cup of sugar free, fat free vanilla ice cream. About 100 calories, depending upon the brand of ice cream used.

Diet Lemonade Recipe

Make zero calorie limeade or lemonade by adding Splenda/Equal to water and lime or lemon wedges. Experiment with orange and pineapple slices for a kicky taste.

Reduced Calorie Beverages

Powdered unsweetened drink mix can be mixed with no calorie sweetener to create fabulous tasting diet beverages.

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