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Serious Side Effects of Dieting

If you begin to feel weak while dieting, stop - look - and listen to your body talk. You may not be getting enough calories to keep a gnat healthy OR you may have developed a health problem that requires your doctor's sage advice.

Any of the following signs while dieting may indicate that your body desires a check up from your doctor:

1. Your body feels like it is shaking or trembling inside.

2. You're making excess trips to the restroom for both number 1 and 2.

3. You're experiencing excessive belching and/or bloating issues.

4. You have a pounding headache that won't go away.

Weight Shifting While Dieting Due to Sodium

It's not unusual to see the number on your weight loss scales shoot up one to four pounds after a salty indulgence.

How long does it take for that pent-up water weight to exit the body? For every pound of retained water, about one day.

Avoid Health Issues While Achieving Permanent Weight Loss by Basing Your Fat-Reduction Plan on a Healthy Foundation

The daily diet should incorporate foods from the basic food groups: fruit, proteins, dairy, vegetables, grains and fat. Grab a few selections from each group and see how colorful you can make your diet plate.

I can tell you from the Voice of Experience, when you lose weight - it can stay off!  No more holiday fumbling about, no more worries about weight gain or poor health.

When you finally decide to put yourself in the Diet Driver's Seat and kick your tummy into the passenger side during the holidays, life gets much sweeter.  

Almonds, Allergic Reaction

If you have included almonds in your reducing plan, you may have experienced a reaction.

Almonds contain oxalic acid so they should be restricted by individuals with a tendency to develop calcium-oxalate stones, such as those individuals with kidney disease.

Almonds may set off an allergic reaction in some individuals. Side effects include: hives and headache. If you are allergic to aspirin, you may experience a reaction to the natural salicylates contained in almonds.

Surgery vs Natural Weight Loss & Related Challenges Such as Skin Sag, Constipation & Menstrual Cycle Issues

Liposuction can indeed remove the number of fat cells within the body, but unless diet and exercise are incorporated into the patient's daily routine after the surgery, odds are that the fat cells will return in force.

Losing weight too quickly can leave the dieter with skin sag. Aim for a two pound per week weight loss.  

Adding exercise to your daily routine will not only strengthen your body - it will help reduce the risks of skin sag.

Too stringent of an exercise plan can throw the menstrual cycle into a hurl.

Many dieters make the drastic mistake of totally banning fat from their diet. Dietary fat is a necessary element to over all good health. Opt for the healthy oils - such as olive oil.

Does potty time sink or swim? If you're experiencing a sinking ship, up your fiber intake.

Diet & Acne

True or False? Acne flair-ups are a result of greasy food choices. False. In fact, doctors rarely ask patients to amend their daily diet as a means of reducing acne breakouts. Certain foods MAY aggravate acne, but will not cause acne. So if you've been told that it's all your fault that you've got acne, quit shouldering the guilt, because it's NOT your fault at all.

Exercise in Excess, Not as Effective as Moderate Exercise

Whether you walk or run, you will burn the same amount of calories for the same distance covered. However, when it comes to health benefits, a slow-as-a-turtle walk isn't going to be as beneficial as the run. Why so?  

Remember, the heart is a muscle - our most important muscle. When we work our body muscles, they gain strength and grow stronger.   The same happens with the heart via vigorous (aerobic)  workouts. However, take note because a fast walk is about equal in health benefits as the run. The trick is to get your heart to pumping. So many choices - walk, fast walk or run.

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