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Step-by-Step Plan for Losing Excess Belly Fat, a Menu for Weight Loss

Setting Ideal Body Weight

1. Pick your weight loss goal based on recommended weight. There is always some give and take where pounds are involved in setting 'ideal' weight.

Don't choose the lowest number, rather the upper one. Once you lose to that number, you can keep decreasing until you are a size where you feel the best. What Should I Weigh? | Healthy Weight for Height | Weight Related Charts

Setting Daily Calories

2. Your doctor will be your best source for this step. Diet Bites has several charts and tips that you can also use as a pattern for setting daily calories based on your goal weight. A few to get you started: Recommended Calories | Lose Weight Permanently | Guide to Losing Weight

Setting Ideal Body Weight

3. The purpose of your weight loss plan should be having a healthier body at the end of your plan than you had at the beginning of your plan. Sure, appearance improvements are a plus - but in the big scheme of things, what matters the most is your health. Rarely do we see beauty queens past the age of 50, 60 or 70 who continue to shine in their beauty. It fades, as does health - so the healthier that you become, the more gradual the decline with ageing. Picture of Nutrition Chart

Setting Ideal Body Weight

4. It's a no-brainer. Add a moderate amount of exercise to your diet plan.

Willpower, Patience, Relaxation

Putting the Body in Balance for Healthy Results

5. Relaxation puts exercise in balance.

Sleep, Resting & Hobbies

In addition, get focused on something that you like to do in order to keep your mind off of eating or bingeing. It's going to require quite a lot of willpower and patience to succeed. Most diets fail. But - that doesn't mean that yours is doomed. I'm living proof of that.

Keeping Patience in Check

I know that it's difficult NOT to want the unwanted weight to fly right off your body, but take it SLOW.


Skin sag and it's not pretty. By allowing the excess weight to burn off at its natural pace, the dieter is less likely to develop skin sag.

Toning also helps discourage and prevent skin sag in many dieters.

Never Quit

And most importantly, NEVER GIVE UP. Remember, quitters never win.


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