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Fruits to Replace Fatty Oils

Dried fruits are fabulous replacements for oil when baking. Just like bananas and prunes, they will also make your recipe bulge with moistness.

Go A-I-P with various dried fruits rather than being tied down to just one fruit.

Dried apricots, peaches, apples, pineapples, cranberries and golden raisins all make luscious oil substitutes.

You may choose to plump them up in a bit of warm water, though sweetness is not as intense in finished product.  

Dried fruit does tend to be a bit more pricey in calories than fresh fruit due to the sugar content. Even so, it offers essential health benefits.

Dried tomatoes are another good example of Nature's Sweetness, and they also work very well as an oil substitute for recipes that are veggie and/or meat-based.

Lighter, Healthier Salad Dressings

Want to save a Diet Load of calories and fat? Simply replace Mayo and salad dressings with LIGHT salad dressings.

One of our favorites is Ken's Raspberry Walnut dressing which adds a zing of nutty, fruity goodness to a bowl of field greens that contain a bit of chopped apple, a bit of grated cheese and a handful of sliced mushrooms.

The 'Mayo' Dieter - Reach for the Gold and you'll be racing across the Diet Finish Line before you know it!  How? Replace Mayo and salad dressings with golden mustard. So many different kinds, too!  What's your favorite mustard? We are fond of the spicy versions.

Removing Fat From Foods

Cut your poultry calories in half by simply removing the skin. Keep in mind that chicken fat is 100% fat - and although fat is necessary in the diet, chicken fat isn't.

Rigid nails? You may not be getting enough fat in your diet.

Nuts, Loaded With the Healthier Fat Sources

Almonds -benefits of almonds include: fair amounts of the nutrients zinc, folate, potassium, calcium they are also a  very good source of magnesium (aids in regulating blood pressure), contain minimal sodium, and zero cholesterol.

Don't Be Too Restrictive

Don't be afraid to eat because you think that if you eat, you'll get fat. Without the proper amount and variety of food, the metabolism slows to a snail's pace, and vital organs are stressed.

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