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Cutting Calories in Dairy Foods

'Lean' towards ice pops and Italian ices for a leaner you.

Diet Dairy Wars - Italian Ices vs Ice Cream

Replacing high calorie, high fat ice creams with ice pops or Italian ices can save a dieter a lot of calories which equals a lot of pounds for those that fancy the Frozen Diet Beast.

Snack Tips for Dieters

Choose baked chips over fried. Most baked chips contain about 1/3 the calories as deep fried chips. You'll not only save calories, but fat grams as well.

When dining out, a good rule of Diet Thumb is to allow 15 calories per chip. Although the calorie count won't be totally accurate - it's better than nothing.

One large egg yolk contains 59 calories while the white contains only 17. A boiled egg makes a healthy snack and offers protein benefits.

Interesting Yolk: Many tempera paints, which artists have used for centuries, contain an egg yolk base.

Enjoy a few cups of hot air popcorn sprayed with no calorie butter. 1 cup contains about 20 calories.

A cup of warm skim milk combined with a spoon of powdered cocoa and a bit of Splenda make one rich and tasty cocoa. Place into the blender for a foamy chocolate top. About 100 calories.

Be a pickle lover! Pickles are nothing more than glorified cucumbers - which contain minimal calories.  Even most sweet pickles contain a scant 35 calories. What a great snack treat!

Beware however, if you're on a sodium restricted diet as pickles are packed with sodium.  On the other hand, most pickles are packed with lots of garlic which holds many health benefits. 

Fruits & Vegetables, Low in Calories

If you have never tasted a pomegranate, you are in for a sweet treat that is low in calories and low in fat.  And if you're a seed-eater, pomegranates hold a good deal of fiber - over 11 grams per fruit.

Eating the seeds that are centered in juice-filled cells is totally optional.  

So how do you eat a pomegranate?

Peel off the red, leather jacket. Oooh - this sounds a bit sexy, doesn't it? Next, peel away any of the white membrane that cocoons the fruit 'cells'.  Remove the cells and pop into your mouth.  If you don't like the seeds, then do as you would watermelon seeds.

A pomegranate that is four inches in diameter contains 234 calories and 52.73 carbohydrate grams. A half-cup serving of the seeds [based on the juice contained in the seeds] has only 72 calories and another plus - they take a while to eat.

Calorie-free is almost there with this food selection: 1 cup of butterhead lettuce - 5 calories.

Say 'Oh Yes!' to side salads at meal time. Why? First off, salads are filling.  Second off - the base of salad is almost always lettuce which contains a scant 5 calories per cup.

Add a couple of cherry tomatoes, some sliced mushrooms, a few shredded carrots - and wa-la! Serve with a bit of low calorie dressing - yes, on the side.   Why?   You may not use all of it, thus saving calories.

A hulled out pineapple makes a great diet-friendly container for fruit salad. OR - for a diet friendly chicken salad.   Toss a few chunks of fresh pineapple into the chicken salad before transferring to the pineapple boat.

Your 'diet of choice' should be fun!  It should be something that you'll stick to until the unwanted weight is gone.

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