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Get fresh with your salad!

Drain salad fixings before compiling salad to prevent a watery mix. Also, revive wilted lettuce and celery by drenching in cold water before chopping. A paper towel makes a convenient sponge and won't damage your greens other healthy salad fixings.

Salads rock with it comes to great weight loss foods. But don't get lost in the greenery.

Experiment with other salad combinations such as: roasted cubed chicken, cherry tomatoes, shredded carrots and squash, a teaspoon of dried fruits - such as cranberries, and a couple of chopped nuts.  

This mix goes well with field greens; kick a little of Ken's Raspberry Pecan lite salad dressing on and you'll have a salad fit for a king.

Lettuce Wraps for Weight Loss

This is one of our favorite weight loss tips. Create yummy Lettuce Wraps - substituting lettuce leaves for bread. Simply fill on one side of the leaf with your favorite light filling (such as lean ham and cheese and chopped tomato) and roll. The lettuce cuts out carbs and calories.

Give Your Healthy Salad Something to Cluck About

Low Calorie Chicken Salad Recipe

Add together cooked, boneless chicken breast, a dash of salt and pepper, a teaspoon of golden raisins, a teaspoon of chopped walnuts, a bit of chopped lettuce and a Tablespoon of LIGHT Mayo.

This light salad goes very well tucked inside pita pocket bread or served on 1/2 a whole grain bagel.

Low Calorie Salad Tips & Suggestions

1/2 cup of celery contains a skinny 10 calories.

Tuna is a popular ingredient in salads, particularly when one is dieting. Unless your tuna is packed in spring water, even after it is drained it's going to hold a significantly higher amount of calories and total fatty acids.

Three ounces of white tuna that has been packed in oil contains 158 calories and 6.87 grams of total fat after the oil has been drained from the tuna. It also holds 26 milligrams of cholesterol and about 1 gram of saturated fat.

Three ounces of white tuna that has been packed in spring water contains 109 calories and 2.52 total fat grams [after draining off water]. But here is where things get confusing - because the water-packed variety contains more cholesterol at 36 grams. The saturated fat content is 0.673 grams.

While the oil-based is higher in calories and total fat than the water-packed variety, it's slightly lower in cholesterol values.

Protein for Weight Loss in Salad

Choose chicken, turkey, fish and pork over red meats as it's lower in calories per serving. It's also Very Diet Okay to use beans and lentils rather than cooked meats for salads. Simply drain them thoroughly before adding to your salad bowl. Your heart will beat strong with joy and fill the land with much joyous moos for your healthier decision.

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