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Yogurt for Weight Loss

Yogurt comes in so many different flavors and textures these days and can add a healthy benefit to your diet - as well as to favorite recipes.

Greek versions are also gaining popularity but they taste quite different from 'traditional' yogurt. They are much thicker - almost like diving into a pudding.

Calories in Yogurt

Yogurt is naturally-rich in calories.

The calorie amounts contained in low fat, sugar free yogurt range from about 60 to 120 per serving. And serving sizes vary from brand-to-brand with some as small as 4 ounces, with others at 6 ounces - which is the most common serving size. Others suggest a one-cup [8 ounce] serving.

Whole milk varieties can easily exceed 200 calories in some brands.

Even if the label states that the product is low fat, it doesn't mean that it's going to be low calorie, as shown in our data chart below. One cup of low fat plain generic yogurt contains over 150 calories.

The Sweet Fat Factor

So if it's so low in fat, why does it hold so high energy values? Sugar. At about 800 kcals per cup it only takes a little to add a lot of values to the recipe or product.

The energy values can be reduced by about half when choosing non-fat varieties which contain low calorie sweeteners.

Adding Fruit Adds Healthy Nutritional Values

We suggest purchasing your favorite brand and flavor and adding fresh chopped fruit or berries.

Nutrition Facts for Yogurt

Nutritional Elements

Plain, Whole Milk Yogurt

Plain Nonfat Greek Yogurt

Low Fat, Plain

With Fruit, Low Fat, Low Calorie Sweetener

Vanilla or Lemon, Nonfat Milk, Low Calorie Sweetener

Nutritional Elements Based on 8 ounces/1 cup

Energy kcals 149 100 154 238 73
Protein grams 8.50 17.32 12.86 11.03 6.56
Total Fat grams 7.96 0.66 3.80 3.20 0.31
Carbohydrate grams 11.42 6.12 17.25 42.22 12.75
Fiber grams 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0
Sugars grams 11.42 5.51 17.25 6.58 12.75

Sweet Dieting Tips

Limit snacks but do try to incorporate a couple per day - such as a serving of yogurt. A healthy snack enjoyed between meals helps to curb appetite so that dieters tend to feel more in control when meal time rolls around. They are less likely to binge, and as Diet Bites has stated numerous times, weight loss plans almost-always end when a binge occurs. The dieter feels as if they have ruined their plan at this point, so what's the use to continue? They may also feel as if the binge assisted in regaining some of the lost weight, and they'd be correct about that.

Beware' and 'be leery of the following online claims: 'Diet Guru, Certified Nutritionist, Diet Program, Diet Guide, Dietitian, genius diet plan, brilliant diet, and 'the only diet that you'll ever need again'.

Most come with a recommendation that goes something like this, "....when combined with a healthy diet and exercise for weight loss."

Another thing to keep in mind is that many individuals report a weight gain when using products which were intended to 'target body fat' or 'eradicate excess  belly fat'.

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