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Fat Free Sour Cream - Not a Tasty Option for All Dieters

Sour creams have made a comeback in not only the 'non-diet' daily diet, but in the daily diet of dieters. 

Regular sour creams stand shoulder-to-shoulder at local markets with their healthier, thinner sisters - including light sour cream, reduced fat sour cream and virtually fat-free sour creams.

Fat-free sour creams may leave a sour taste in many dieter's mouth but when used in recipes,one would be pressed to tell the difference. 

Our diet tip for sour cream:  Use fat-free sour cream in recipes and opt for LIGHT sour cream as a stand alone over full-blown sour cream.

Tips to Cut Calories & Fat in Dairy Foods

Sherbet contains less fat and calories than ice cream.

Replacing high calorie, high fat ice cream with low fat sherbet is a great step towards reducing the waistline. Here is a calorie comparison that comprise an average of the brands we selected:

1/2 cup of Vanilla Ice Cream - 16% Fat - About 175 Calories
1/2 cup of Orange Sherbet - About 110 Calories

Little things matter and add up over time. And the fun thing about sherbet is that is comes in so many flavors - pineapple, orange, lime, raspberry and rainbow. What's your favorite flavor of the sherbet rainbow?

Always check the labels. Some versions of ice cream can contain more calories than Garfield has fleas - and then there's the Fat Factor that only adds to Diet Woes.

Diet 101: Skim Evaporated Milk to Cut Recipe Calories

Even more good diet moos regarding dairy products in your diet recipe. By replacing the cream, ice cream, sour cream, buttermilk  and milk in your recipes with evaporated skim milk you'll save calories while adding tasty goodness to your diet recipes.

Cream Cheese Suggestions for Dieters

Purchase light cream cheese at the market, a few fresh fruits and veggies. When you get home, experiment with the cream cheese to create some luscious, light spreads that go well with your weight loss plan!

Mix in herbs, salsas, and even light jams. Spread on celery, sliced vegetables, breads and so forth.

We like the following mix: 3 Tablespoons of light cream cheese mixed with 1 teaspoon of orange marmalade served with fat-reduced Wheat Thins.

Cottage Cheese for Weight Loss

One of the prettiest cottages that I know of is cottage cheese. Creamy, unique and different, it can add romance and body to most any recipe that regularly calls for cream, ice cream, sour cream, buttermilk  and milk.

String Cheese for Dieters

Rather than cutting off a hunk of cheese, wipe out the 'Calorie Guesswork' by enjoying a stick of skim string cheese. You'll save calories and fat without sacrificing that cheesy taste.

Please note that string cheese presents a choking hazard for young children so check with the pediatrician before giving to a child. When eating the string cheese, be sure to pull it off a tiny thread at a time, as it was intended to be enjoyed this way. In addition, the goody will take a lot longer to enjoy.

Recipe Tips to Reduce Fat & Calories

For pimento cheese sandwiches, go light by using skim-based shredded cheese.

Make lunch your biggest meal of the day. Reach for the foods that are closest to Mother Nature such as fresh salads, tasty fruits, a bit of cheese and nuts.

Measuring up for weight loss success! Grab a set of measuring cups and spoons and measure out foods until you are familiar with portion sizes - like milk and cottage cheese. It may be an inconvenience in the beginning, but well worth the effort.

From experience I can assure you can before long, you'll be able to make a very close guesstimate without the need of cups and spoons.

An inexpensive frother will volumnize skim milk to create a lush shake. Add a few chopped berries or smashed banana with your favorite extracts to create a Shake Sensation. You can go a step further by adding your froth to diet cocoa. What a treat! Rich, thick and definitely weight loss friendly.

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