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Apple or Pear, Does Body Shape Matter

By now we've all heard the Apple/Pear story. And all I ever wanted to be was a peach!

The Fruity Difference

Studies indicate that where fat is concentrated on the body may be just as important as the amount of excess fat we store in our bodies.

Fat around the middle (the abdominal area) appears to be accompanied with more health risks than fat stored below the waist.

Even so, take heart Apple Dumplings, because chiseling the abdominal weight away tends to be a lot easier than prying it off the hips and thighs.

Bananas, a Super Fruit Packed With Potassium Values

Bananas are a fabulous replacement for oil when baking. Bananas will also make your recipe bulge with moistness.

There are several varieties of bananas at your local market - from tiny nanners to big Plantains. Each will lend a unique taste to your recipe, as will the stage of ripeness of your banana.

For a low-calorie banana chip, dehydrate your own at home.  They will contain a huge calorie difference when compared to the fried banana chips that you'll find at your local market.

They may fight and prevent strokes.

In addition, this super fruit is packed with potassium. The potassium assists in releasing retained water in the body that may have occurred from sodium overload.

Potassium in Bananas & Their Caloric Values



1 cup, mashed

1 cup, sliced






Energy kcal 200 134 72 90 105 121 135
Potassium mg 806 537 290 362 422 487 544

Sizes of Bananas

X-small is less than 6" in length.
Small is up to 7" long.
Medium size is up to 8" in length.
Large is up to 9" long.
X-large is anything over 9" long.

Healthy Natural Fruit Tips for Dieters

A wedge of lemon, lime or orange in a glass of water makes a refreshing alternative to soda.

1/2 orange contains 30 calories.

1 lemon or 1 lime contains 10 calories each

Pears and peaches are fabulous replacements for oil when baking. You may need to do a bit of pre-cooking so that the fruit doesn't add an unwanted crunch to your recipe. Simply cook the fruit using your favorite method; be sure to remove the peeling.  Mash, then use as oil substitute in your favorite recipes.  

Each variety of fruit will add a definite difference to the taste of your recipe, though pears tend to lend the same end result as apples.

Fruit Juice Purchasing Tips

When shopping for fruit juices, look for the 100% juice. When viewing the nutrition label, in almost-all you'll see that apple juice is the first ingredient that is listed - even if you're purchasing grape or cherry juice. So yes, the product is still 100% fruit juice, only it's a juice blend.

To get 100% of a particular fruit juice, you'll spend two to three times more. These are found in the section of the store alongside of the blended juices. They tend to be super-rich in flavor and thicker than the blends.

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