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Fat Gram Guide For Dieters

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Not Recommended!!

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Fat Cell Facts

The healthy adult body that is at a 'normal weight' has approximately 20 to 27 billion (yes billion) fat cells.

Fat cells are used by the body to store excess calories (energy) for future use - sometimes for several months at a time! The energy that you use to run today's race may be coming from that cheeseburger eaten 2 months ago.

The more fat cells, the harder it can be to lose weight, so that's a very good reason to begin now instead of producing additional fat cells which will only serve to make future weight loss efforts even more difficult, as well as weight maintenance.

Fatty Meat Equals Fatty Calories

Always strip away the fatty skins on meat as well as all visible fat. Many dieters make the mistake of getting rid of all fat from their daily diet while trying to lose weight - which is a terrible Health Mistake. The body needs some fat in the diet in order to function properly.

Restricting your daily fat intake to less than 30 grams per day can generate serious health consequences. Our bodies NEED fat for healthy skin, healthy hair, healthy nails, and to assist in breaking down the foods we eat.  

Fat Reduced Products for Your Diet Plan, Recipe Suggestions

Whipped cream cheese makes a healthier replacement for butter. Two Tablespoons of whipped cream cheese (regular - not low fat) contains about 60 calories while one Tablespoon of most butters contain about 100 or more calories.

Whipped varieties of certain products can assist the dieter in a big way when it comes to weight loss.

Whipped versions of butter, cream cheese (and even whipped frosting) smooth on thinner than their packed counterparts saving calories and fat.

Lower Calorie Butter Options for Dieters - Replace the butter and margarine in your recipes with the light margarine. Go a step further and substitute no calorie butter sprays and no calorie butter.

It may take a few meals to adjust to the new taste, but when you think about all that weight you'll be losing - it transforms the weight loss experience from negative to positive.   So much to discover - all for your good health!

1 medium sweet potato will satisfy you longer than 1 large cookie for about the same number of calories.

If that cookie comes from Starbucks, it probably contains 6 times the calories as your average cookie (over 600 according to their nutrition chart which I asked to review while visiting during coffee-time).

We recommend light or low fat cottage cheese for a light substitute over the ingredients listed above for a zippy twist on your diet recipes.

Remember the cute little saying for Diet Motivation: " Through the lips and to the hips...."  Before you cram anything through those lips, stop and think, " Do I REALLY want this food?  Is it healthy? How much fat does it contain? Is it worth those few short minutes (sometimes micro-seconds) of enjoyment?"

Bagels are  low in fat, low in calories, are filling and fun. Try preparing your next lean sandwich on a bagel - then cut in half and share.

Sugar Free Gelatin for Weight Loss

Enjoy your favorite sugar free gelatin in its liquid form rather than gelled. An entire small box contains a scant 40 calories and is ultra filling, as well as healthy.  Your nails will also get a boost from your Gel Feast.

Nixing Nuts for Weight Loss

Cuts the nuts in half when making your favorite recipe. Odds are, the only thing that will miss them are your new slender hips.

Although healthy, nuts tend to be high in calories in relation to size.  

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