Easy Weight Loss Tips to Reduce Belly Fat

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Natural Foods to Relieve Water Retention, Thus Reducing Weight

Asparagus, melon, beets and cranberries are all excellent choices of food that will help rid your body of excess water weight. Water weight is oft times retained as a result of too much sodium (salt) in the diet.

Note that asparagus will cause urine to emit an unusual odor, so don't be alarmed.

So if you're dieting and have recently consumed salty foods, you will probably see a weight gain appear on your scales.  

Many times, that alone is enough for a dieter to hop quickly off of their diet plan and that's sad because the weight gain is not 'fat gain' and will naturally dispense from the body with time - generally taking 1-3 days.

So for a quick diet fix, experiment with asparagus, melon, beets and cranberries.

If you are experiencing swelling in the legs and tummy area on a regular basis and have not consumed salty foods, please see your doctor to rule out potential underlying conditions, such as a heart ailment. A stitch in time, saves a life.

How Often to Weigh

Weigh in at least once per week at the same time of day, before eating breakfast if possible. Just like your clothing and shoes, food and beverages weigh heavily. Just look at the following example....

Let's say that dieter Jan just woke up and enjoys 1/2 a melon for a scant 50 calories. She also guzzles down 3 cups of coffee. (Thank goodness it's decaf or Juan Valdez and Ms. Olsen might both appear to slap some sense into dieter Jan!)

Dieter Jan has been ultra good on her diet plan, so she races to the weight loss scales only to find that she has gained four rotten pounds. How did this happen? It's enough to drive a dieter to filling their cup with 'the real stuff'.

Of course, the weight of the coffee and melons are weighing Dieter Jan down heavily.  She'll figure it out.

Belly Fat Tips Related to Dieting

The Diet Truth & Nothing But the Diet Truth! You can gain weight while dieting if you choose a diet plan that's not suited for your body's needs.  Carefully review several plans before choosing, and try to choose a plan that a) closely meets your lifestyle and b) that your doctor approves.

Cutting back too staunchly on calorie intake may put the brakes on your metabolism. Your body senses that something is terribly wrong - something like...you've suddenly been stranded on Aloha Island with no Brad Pitt in sight, as well as no food or kicky beverages.

Just as your jacked-up car may shut down when the oil is dangerously low to prevent total blow out, our bodies do the same.

Keep in mind that it takes 3,500 calories to equal one pound.  A good rule of Diet Thumb is to consume 500 to 1,000 calories less per day to achieve about a 2 pound per week weight loss.

Never skinny dip below 1,250 calories per day or you will be breaking (or is that braking?) (or both!) your metabolism. If you have more than 50 pounds to lose, get with your doctor for recommendations on daily caloric intake amounts.

Take note that the more fat cells a person collects, the harder it can be to lose weight, so that's a very good reason to begin now instead of producing additional fat cells which will only serve to make future weight loss efforts even more difficult.

Fresh Fruit to Fight Belly Fat

Foods free of calories are few and far between, but it's difficult to go wrong when reaching for fresh fruits. One peach contains a skinny 35 calories per medium size. 1/2 cup of strawberries or melon of your choice contains only 25 calories.

Adding Exercise to Increase Belly Fat Loss Results

Your diet plan should advise moderate exercise.  

Walking 1-2 miles per day requires about 10-15 minutes per mile, raises the heart rate and reduces risks for many diseases, chiefly heart disease.

An individual weighing 100 pounds will burn about 75 calories during a 15 minute brisk walk. For each ten additional pounds that the person weighs, they will burn about 5 more calories. Example: a 150 pound individual will burn about 100 calories during their 15 minute walk.

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