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Diet Omelet Tips

The standard omelet contains 2 eggs and 1 ounce of cheese plus chopped vegetables.

Calories in a Standard Omelet: About 325 calories.

Use egg-substitutes. 1/4 cup contains a mere 25 calories.

With cheese and the fixings, your omelet will contain less than 100 calories if cooked with the non stick cooking spray. Ole!

There are two ways to lose weight.  

1) cut back on food intake.  

2) burn off the weight by exercise.

By combining the two, you'll lose weight faster!

Calorie-free is going to be a bit difficult to find in your pantry or fridge, but the following food comes pretty close: 2 scrambled egg whites prepared with non stick spray = about 30 calories

Healthy Protein-Rich Eggs for Breakfast to Curb Appetite

Always eat breakfast which will start your metabolism burn for the day.

Whether you're eating Wheaties or a 'wheat muffin' go for breakfast for weight loss! By doing such you are actually 'breaking' the 'overnight fast' (breakfast).

Some great dieting choices to get the heme going include: melon, bagels, 1 egg and a couple of slices of microwaved bacon and 1 slice of wheat toast, oatmeal and cold pizza.  What!!  Wait - ix-nay on the cold pizza for now... 

And when you opt for eggs, you'll be choosing a protein-rich food which can assist in keeping you feeling full until your noon meal arrives.

Amount of Protein in Eggs

The Whites

1 large egg white contains 3.60 grams of protein and 17 calories.

1 cup of egg whites contains 26.49 grams of protein and 126 calories.

The Yolks

1 large egg yolk contains 2.70 grams of protein and 55 calories.

1 cup of egg yolks contains 38.54 grams of protein and 782 calories.

Diet Myth, Hot Sauce on Eggs Burns Calories

Yes, this is a dieting myth - that hot sauce burns a plethora of calories and fat.

This myth has been around for a while, circling the Diet Village on Wings of Weight Loss.

You'd do better on your fat reduction plan to get a little warm via a good walk outdoors. Even a hot kiss will burn more calories than hot sauce.

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