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Cereal, an Excellent Any Time of the Day Choice

Enjoy a serving size of your favorite cereal without milk. Cereal makes a dandy finger food.

And thinking of breakfast foods, more and more jams and preserves are appearing at the market these days that tend to be diet-friendly.

Splenda is generally the preferred no calorie sweetener and tastes fairly close to sugar.

However, many of the light jams and preserves are a bit tart. You can de-tart them by adding a pack of your favorite no calorie sweetener. Mixing light jams with a bit of warmed no-calorie butter spray also adds a little bit of special to breakfast time. 

Some breakfast cereals contain more sodium than the Flats do Salt - so much salt that your little salt shaker just might get jealous. Cheerios and Wheaties contain almost 300 mg's of sodium. That's almost 3 times the amount that is in a single serving of potato chips.

Oatmeal,Shredded Wheat, Fiber One, All Bran, Cream of Wheat, Cream of Rice, Farina, Grits, and Grape Nuts are all pretty decent breakfast cereal choices and some may even assist in fighting heart disease. You can include Cheerios and Wheaties on that list - just beware of the sodium content so that it doesn't cancel out good for bad, particularly if you're on a sodium-restricted diet.

Diet Tip

Plan to eat like a Prince for breakfast and a Pauper for dinner to experience dramatic weight loss.  Eating a lot of food at the end of the day is one of the biggest culprits related to weight gain in non-dieters. It's basically impossible to burn off the consumed energy when it's so close to relaxation time.

How to Remove Starch From Foods

If you are curious about the amount of starch in the foods that you consume, simply take the amount of carbohydrate grams therein and you'll have your answer. Generally fiber grams are subtracted to get the total number of carbohydrates in a food, but where starch is concerned, subtracting is not necessary.

Tip for Removing Starch From Starchy Foods

Rinsing pasta, noodles and rice can remove a good deal of starch while contributing to a tastier dish. As to potatoes, spoon away the foam that forms on top amid the cooking phase. In addition, to avoid potentially harmful acrylamides, never store potatoes in the refrigerator. Acrylamides have been associated with an increased risk for cancer in scientific studies.

Diet Tips for Breads

Diet Toast Recipe, Quick & Easy

You will need 1 slice of diet bread (35 calories) sprayed with no calorie butter spray. Pop into your toaster until golden brown. Enjoy with a fruit-based jam or top with a slice of reduced fat cheese for quick cheese bread..

Wheat Diet Power

Go wheat! Choose wheat bread over white bread, wheat pasta over white pasta and brown rice over white. Use complex carbs to simplify your diet!

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