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Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Lose Excess Body Fat Using a Diet Journal

Track your weight loss success using a diet journal. Jot down your measurements, current weight and a list of weight loss goals.

You may also wish to track your diet menus. Alongside of your menu, be sure to write how you felt during the day, after your meal.

Were you hungry? Antsy? Satisfied? Not satisfied?

Noting Foods & Beverages Consumed Provides a Quick Capsule of Nutritional-Value Intake

Keeping a record of your diet menus can help signal a Diet Glitch and keep you on track with your weight loss program. Sort out the foods that you feel most satisfied with at mealtime and weed out those foods that offer a low level of 'Hunger Gratification'.  

You may also quickly note a trend in the 'same types of foods' that are being eaten.  Shaking up your diet menu helps keep your body happy and your diet on track.  

Healthy Foods Equals Natural Raw Foods & a Leaner Body

Calorie-free is going to be a bit difficult to find in your pantry or fridge, but the following food comes pretty close: 1/2 cup of most melon contain about 30 calories. All fruits and vegetables are low in calories and fats in their raw, natural state. Yes - even potatoes, corn, and bananas. One giant banana holds only 130 calories, as does a small potato. And both are packed with nutritional values your body craves.

Supersizing Supersizes & is Best When Skipped

Many foods have increased in size over the last twenty years - not only at fast food places where supersizing is offered, but at the market. Bigger bagels, bigger sodas, bigger muffins, bigger donuts.  

It's more important than ever to check that label for serving size recommendation as that giant muffin may be intended to serve a group rather than an individual.  

Walk or Run for Losing Weight Successfully?

 Which works best?  

Walking or running for 1 mile burns about the same number of calories.  However, a fast walk is better than a slow walk because one of the keys to health is getting the heart rate up enough so that it strengthens the body.  

Stronger heart, stronger lungs, stronger underarms - a whole stronger you!  And that's a good thing.  

Skipping Alcohol Perhaps Best Prescription for a Healthier Body

Alcohol consumption has been proven in a myriad of controlled studies to be linked to high blood pressure, cirrhosis of the liver, vitamin deficiencies, an enlarged heart, lower immunity, cancer (especially colon cancer),memory loss, triggering diabetes and heart disease and yes, weight gain. Oh dear - no 'cheers' here!

While some scientific studies tout the benefits of alcohol in moderation, it's rough on the liver. Every time that alcohol is consumed, whether it's spirits or in medications, damage occurs to the liver. Lucky for us it is remarkable in recovering from the damage, but it does require time. We feel any health benefits received from alcohol are outweighed by the following:

1. It's very high in sugars and calories.
2. It's an addictive property.
3. It causes damages to the body, particularly to the brain functioning, the heart, kidneys and the liver.

Natural super foods provide heart-healthy benefits without the addictive properties connected to alcohol.

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