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Best Choices for Dieters at Fast Food Restaurants

If you've ever been on a diet plan and ended-up at a fast food restaurant - whether out of desperation, hunger or due to circumstances beyond your control, you may have went into panic mode when trying to decide upon which menu item will fit into your weight loss plan.

For starters, don't despair. At some point, after you lose those excess pounds, you'll combine many elements of your former eating plan with the calorie-reduced plan that you used to lose weight. That generally includes fast food and restaurant dining.

And yes - you can enjoy fast food, even when you're on a diet. Personally speaking, we do such about once or so a week, ordering off of the value menus. We live on a very tight budget and this helps stretch those precious dollars - and is less expensive than dining at home.

When we do, we base our choices on many nutrition factors: sodium, cholesterol, saturated and Trans fats, total fat and calories in the menu item. If we aren't sure or don't have a good idea of these values, we request a nutrition guide from our server at the drive-through or at the counter.

With this said, here are some examples of the menu selections which can be part of a healthy weight loss plan - based on calorie values. We hope this provides a starting point which you can build upon as you move forward to a healthier you.

Burger King, Excellent Menu Choices for Dieters Based on Calories

Whopper Junior - 390
Santa Fe Fire-Grilled Chicken Baquette - 350
8 piece chicken tenders - 340
BK Veggie Burger   with reduced fat Mayo - 300

Regular Hamburger - 310

Excellent Subway choices for your weight loss plan:

Tuna Salad - 240 calories
6-inch Ham Sandwich - 290 calories
6-inch Roast Beef Sandwich - 290 calories

McDonalds Menu Choices Low in Calories

Hamburger - 250
Cheeseburger - 300
McChicken Sandwich - 360
Fillet-O-Fish - 390

In-N-Out Burger, Lower Calorie Options

Hamburger with onion, prepared with mustard and ketchup instead of spread - 310
Protein Style Hamburger with onion -  the burger is prepared with lettuce rather than buns - 240

Pizza Hut Menu Items, Low Calorie Choices

14" Large Pizza Pan-Style, Cheese Only, 1 slice contains 260 calories. Add 20 more calories for a slice of pepperoni and 60 more for Supreme.

This is actually quite minimal for a slice of pizza. There are also several other options on the menu - from pasta to pizza which can fit most into weight loss plans based on the energy values.

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