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Metabolic Syndrome

Also known as Metabolic Syndrome X, Cardiometabolic Syndrome, Insulin Resistant Syndrome, CHOAS & Reaven's Syndrome

Written by Diet Bites

Medical Definition of Metabolic Syndrome

A combination of medical disorders when occurring simultaneously can increase risk for cardiovascular disease and diabetes which in turn, can influence the quality of life as well as longevity.

Individuals at Highest Risk for Developing Metabolic Syndrome

1. Elevated Body Mass Index [BMI]

2. Obesity

3. Elevated triglycerides

4. Reduction in HDL [good] Cholesterol

5. Elevated blood pressure.

6. Elevated fasting glucose.

7. Elevated Albumim leakage in urine measurements.

Risk Factors

There are several elements which can trigger Metabolic Syndrome or which can place individuals in a higher risk group. These include but are not limited to the following:

1. Abnormal or degenerative condition of the adipose tissue.

2. Aging

3. Coronary Heart Disease

4. Diabetes Mellitus

5. Overweight and Obesity.

6. Psychiatric Illnesses

7. Rheumatic Diseases

8. Sedentary Lifestyle

Treatment for Metabolic Syndrome

Out of the above, we can control two of the risk factors - those being a sedentary lifestyle and our weight. The great news is that by remedying these two issues we may also prevent coronary heart disease as well as diabetes mellitus. Adding cardiovascular activities to the daily schedule may produce significant results.

Where the daily diet is concerned, reducing the amount of simple carbohydrates is often more effective in rendering positive results than a reduction in dietary fat intake.

We can't do much about the aging factor - but when we keep active, the risks are often greatly minimalized.

When a change of lifestyle isn't enough to combat this issue, prescribed medications may be the next course of action recommended by the health care provider.

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