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Why Am I Overweight?

Written by Diet Bites

Determining Cause of Weight Gain is Vital Element to Unlocking Permanent Weight Loss Success

It's vital to the success of your weight loss plan to determine why you are overweight. Common causes of overweight and obesity include the following:

#1 Contributor to Overweight & Obesity

Consuming more calories than the body uses. Calories are expended by the basic operations of the body via movement and activity performed by the body. A few examples include: digestion, activity, sleeping, kissing, crying, breathing, and laughing.

The following contributors to overweight and obesity are listed in no particular order:

#2 Pregnancy, a natural cause of temporary weight gain.

Although unrelated to overweight issues, lactation as well as that monthly gift from Mother Nature can also pack on temporary pounds.

#3 High sodium (salt) intake can trigger temporary weight gain.

A weight gain of 3+ pounds is not unreasonable when high sodium intake is the Weight Gain Culprit.

#4 Thyroid imbalances.

This is a more rare contributor to weight gain, overweight and obesity issues. Your doctor can perform a simple test to determine if you have an imbalance.

#5 Medical conditions.

This includes hidden medical conditions such as diabetes and kidney disease which can trigger unwanted weight gain.

#6 Allergies.

A side note; if you are experiencing trouble with allergies check your diet for sugar substitutes which can contribute to hives and rashes.

#7 The Gene Pool, including ethnicity.

Slow of us are born with a slower metabolism. Some of us are born to parents who have battled weight all of their lives. It doesn't mean that the situation is hopeless - it does mean that individuals who have overweight parents (or an overweight parent) must try much harder to keep their weight in check than individuals who don't.

#8 Ageing.

As the body ages it performs less efficiently than it did amid its younger years. To keep weight gain away the ageing individual may need to incorporate more activity into their daily schedule - but our levels of productive activity are also impacted with age. Another solution is to trim calories from the daily diet.

#9 Sugar substitutes.

Use sugar substitutes wisely. An overage may create a craving for sugary foods and beverages, thus contributing to weight gain. In addition, sugar substitutes can negatively impact the endocrine system among other potential health issues.

#10 Inadequate rest.

Simply put the more hours an individual is awake, the more opportunity for eating and drinking.

#11 Stress!

Whether good stress OR bad stress, we tend to eat more when we're stressed. Keep in mind that stressed spelt backwards is 'dessert'.

#12 Celebrations, vacations, parties, birthdays and special holidays.

In Summary

If you are considering going on a weight loss plan, it is important that you meet with your doctor to discuss a weight loss plan that will be the most effective for you - and while you're there, your doctor can also rule out any conditions which may be contributing to your weight problem. By determining a cause OR trigger for weight gain, you'll be ensuring Permanent Weight Loss Success.

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