Weight Loss Tips for Reducing Fats

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Average Amount of Fat Cells in American Adult

The overweight adult-body's fat cell count depends on how overweight the individual is and can range from 75 billion to over 300 billion.

Fat cells are formed before we reach adulthood. Even when we don't have an abundant amount, they expand quite easily to fill with precious excess energy which goes unused by the body.

Reducing Fats in Dairy Foods

Choose LIGHT whipped topping over topping prepared with whipping cream and save enough fat and calories to sink a battleship. Better yet, drag out that inexpensive frother and whip up skim milk. Add a bit of Splenda and dollop on fresh fruit. Can we say 'light as a feather'?

Decreasing Fatty Acids Decreases Calories

All of the following tips are fantastic and easy methods that can be used by almost-all dieters in ridding excess body fat.

A way to add more food into your diet without increasing the fat and calories is to incorporate no calorie sweeteners, natural sweeteners.

Calorie-free is going to be a bit difficult to find in your pantry or fridge, but the following food comes pretty close: 1/2 cup strawberries = 22 calories.

Enjoy 1 cup of frozen fruit for about 50 calories for most fruits.

Dip into weight loss by creating fantastic dips using light sour cream, a bit of fresh dill or your favorite seasonings.  Fat free/sugar free yogurt also makes a fantastic, healthy dip for fresh fruit. 

Paper Towels Remove Greasy Calories

Go hog wild with paper towels. Always take advantage of pressing out extra grease with paper towels. The towels can make a piece of microwaved bacon one very lean strip of ham.  

Mayo & Butter in the Daily Diet

Mayo Dieting Tips

Replace Mayo and salad dressings with Light Mayo. Although there are fat-free varieties of Mayo on the market these days, many dieters would rather take a beating with a red licorice whip than face a sandwich spread with this spread.

Light Mayo is a happy medium, offering the tangy goodness of regular Mayo while presenting much lower calories. And it tastes like real Mayo.

No Calorie Butters for Weight Loss

The refrigerated no calorie butter sprays take a bit of getting use to - but if you're a dieter who has been doing without the taste of butter or margarine, you may welcome no calorie butter sprays.

I find them very enjoyable and have come to prefer them over regular margarine and butters.  The only caveat is that when too much is used, the dieter may be left with an unwanted salty pallet.

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