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Bananas May Prevent Stroke

Health studies indicate that the banana may be beneficial in the prevention of strokes. The potassium content, combined with its low sodium content, may protect the body against high blood pressure - often referred to as 'The Silent Killer'.

Golden bananas are excellent potassium rich food choices. One medium banana contains about 100 calories.  

Quick Banana Recipe

For a tasty treat low in calories, place one-half a banana, a pinch of ground nutmeg, some ground cinnamon and a cup of skim milk into a blender and whip.  Adding ice chips creates a thicker shake.  

Preparing in Advance to Avoid Weight Gain

Although Thanksgiving and Christmas are tough holidays to get through for dieters, Valentine's, Easter, July 4th, anniversaries, birthdays - even the arrival of a new baby can create tricky eating situations for the dieter.

When possible, plan ahead.  Example: If Valentine's Day is approaching, cut back a few days in your diet before the big day arrives. Then ENJOY the day.  The following day - get right back on track.

Power Foods to Boost Immunity

Power foods such as fish, whole grains, leafy greens, fresh fruits and vegetables will help you get a leg up on your good health.

Keep in mind that although the dieter's goal is to drop unnecessary weight, what they eat today creates the body of tomorrow. Make it strong - make it healthy.

Multi-Vitamins While Dieting

While dieting, you may wish to take a daily multi-vitamin.   This not only aids nutrition, it helps your body process food and aids digestion. 

Be sure to add calcium to your diet in the form of cups of skim milk per day.  

Studies show that calcium enhances weight loss, and individuals that consumed 3 glasses of skim milk per day lost more weight than those individuals who did not.

Constipation May Contribute to Weight Woes

'Wipe out' constipation before it settles in to stay (no pun intended!). Constipation is no laughing matter if you are the victim.   It can stagnate more than your system, and does a number in bogging down your diet.

Fad Diet Plans, Yes or No?

The Atkins Diet Plan, the South Beach Diet Plan and The Zone are all fad diets. The low-carb craze has been around for decades - but before you trod forward, please get with your doctor to discuss. Although many dieters have achieved weight loss success using a low carb fad plan, individuals suffering from certain conditions such as heart or diabetes should never attempt a low carb diet without their doctor's supervision.

Body Signals Health Issues Through Unintended Weight Loss

If you suddenly discover that you are dropping weight without trying, please see your doctor immediately.  There are many underlying health factors that could put you at risk, such as diabetes.  

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