Easy Weight Loss Tips That Work

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Divide your weight loss goals into several tiny increments.  

Plan to lose weight in 10 pound increments.  Don't think about the next 10 pounds until you lose the 10 pounds you are working on. Mind games can play a big part in assisting you towards meeting your weight loss goals. Stay motivated, stay Diet Game Faced!  

Corn on the cob microwaves well and also grills well.

Smear heavily with no calorie butter spray, a bit of sea salt and cracked pepper. Although higher in calories than most veggies, corn is filling and full of nutritional values. However, take note as some people are allergic to corn and corn by-products.

Consider ordering appetizers when dining out rather than an entire entree.

Stick to the lighter items, such as roasted wings and broiled mushrooms. Consider sharing with someone in your party. Half the food translates to half the calories.

Gum helps curb the munches.

Chewing also keeps the mouth occupied and satisfies our need to chew. Take note that sugarless gum contains the same number of calories as a regular stick of gum - about 5 calories.

Fight a Ravenous Appetite by Brushing

Your clean mouth is a powerful weapon in combating the Hungries. Also, the taste of toothpaste alters food tastes, and it's just not the same after brushing! And who wants to mess up that sparkly shine?

Energize Your Diet Plan With Power Naps Balanced With Activity

Getting away from the real world does wonders to keep you on track with your weight loss plan. And....it's a great opportunity to dream about your fantasy food.

Park and walk when shopping. Yes - this is an oldie, but goldie! And you'll get in even more walking via your shopping spree. What a great way to get in a bit of activity.

Take the stairs when possible. Climb the ladder of weight loss success one rung at a time! Yes - this is an oldie, but goldie! Climbing strengthens your heart, your lungs and your legs.

Salad Tips for Dieters

When you're planning to have a salad for lunch and you need to take it with you, rather than cut it up at home, toss your uncut veggies into a sealable bag and take along a paring knife. Although salads can be prepared in advance, they taste best fresh. Lettuce tends to wilt and tomatoes create a watery brew.

A sealable bag also works well for storing your diet salad dressing. And to salads just before eating.

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