Symptoms of Alcoholism

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Common Traits of an Alcoholic

Alcohol is not only extremely high in calories, it can damage the health of the user and leave them chained and dependent upon a bottle for the remainder of their life, effecting everyone around them.  The symptoms of alcoholism include:

A high tolerance to alcohol consumption, commonly referred to as 'holding one's liquor'.

Drinking alone, or hiding to sneak a drink.  At social events, the alcoholic may noticeably drink more than other guests.

Hiding liquor containers from those who disapprove of consumption.

Alcohol becomes more important than anything else around the individual including their family, their job and even their own life.

A desire to quit, yet unable to get control of disease.

Finding Solace in the Sea of Alcoholism

Alcohol depresses the central nervous system thus reducing stress, anxiety and feelings of guilt - just a few reasons why alcoholics find solace in the sea of alcoholism. Many times alcoholism is blamed on the individual's preferred taste for alcohol, yet deeper problems lay rooted within.  Some of the triggers may include:

- Unsatisfied relationship which the individuals feels locked into.

- Low feeling of self-worth.

- Fears from the past as well as fears that lie ahead.

Effects of Alcoholism on the Body

Alcoholism not only destroys lives, but also the body one organ at a time.  

Organs most commonly attacked by alcoholism include: brain, heart, liver and kidneys.

Alcoholism can quickly lead to dangerously high blood pressure as well as trigger the onset of diabetes.

Even the less life-threatening effects are alarming including bloodshot eyes, wooziness, mental fog and instability, staggering, belligerence, cursing, yelling, physical violence, belching and body stench.

Alcoholism is responsible for loss of job, financial ruin, arrests, loss of family, and loss of innocent lives.  Although alcoholism can be overcome with professional help, it's a very tough disease to conquer.

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