How to Choose Healthy Foods for Weight

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

A Healthy Body Involves Simple, Natural Foods

When it comes to getting healthier, the human body performs best when the eating plan contains simple, natural, unrefined foods.

Therefore, the first step to a healthier you is adding more natural and raw fruits and vegetables to your current eating plan.

The next step is limiting the amount of refined foods which are part of your daily diet.

This doesn't mean skipping cereals, breads and other grains - or even your favorite foods. It's about making wiser choices which work best to keep your body performing as efficiently as possible.

Example: Rather than a slice of peach pie for dessert consider a fresh peach. Rather than a serving of sugary or even sugar-free soda, choose a cup of milk or fruit nectar or 100% fruit or vegetable juice.

These little changes add up to big healthy rewards over time.

Smaller Meals - More Meals for Weight Loss

Try eating several small meals throughout the day rather than the standard three. This may work to curb appetite in some dieters and may help to boost metabolism.  Sample of Smaller Meals Menu for Dieters

Leave Some for Later Dieter

Even though you may feel like you're being wasteful - make an effort NOT to clean your plate. Save some leftovers for the next meal. If it's a healthy meal, share with your pet. Odds are, it will be cheaper than pet food - and eons healthier.  

Adding Flavor to Foods for Minimal Calories & Fat

Eating - It's Under Your Control - Stock up on foods that are packaged in individual serving sizes to keep overeating at bay.  Learning to control portion sizes as well as the frequency of eating are two major keys to weight loss success.  

Sweet Tips for Weight Loss

Carrot Cake - You would think that anything made with healthy carrots would be light on the waistline. Not at 650 calories per slice. The cream cheese and butter in the icing is a Diet Killer. Grab the carrot instead!  

Cheesecake - A good alternative is to substitute light cream cheese or the fat-free cream cheese (which normally tastes TERRIBLE on its own, but it bakes up very tasty!).

Bonus: You can use any leftover fat-free cream cheese to paint your living room or den.

Adding Moderate Levels of Activity for Weight Loss

Choose a diet plan or diet program that incorporates MODERATE activity, 3 meals per day and at least 1 snack.

Taxing your body with a kick-butt, lose-weight-fast plan is just setting yourself up for any or all of the following.

a) physical exhaustion
b) increased health risks
c) body circuit overload
d) weight loss set back
e) a Twinkie binge
f)  and yes, even weight loss failure

By choosing a weight loss plan that doesn't throw your body into shock, you'll be setting yourself up for weight loss success - which is much happier than that failure thing. Your body will also love you for it!  

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