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The Weight Loss Coach

A Weight Loss Story by Sky Taylor - Prelude

A dog, a doctor & an overweight secretary's worlds collide in this all-star salute to weight loss.

The Weight Loss Coach is a page-turner dedicated to anyone struggling to drop those pesky pounds - whether it's one pound or more than 100 pounds.

Although The Weight Loss Coach is intended to be entertaining, it also contains the common struggles surrounding weight gain, as well as dieting tips, weight loss information and diet menus that can be helpful to anyone wishing to lose weight.

We hope you enjoy The Weight Loss Coach and that you'll share this link with your friends and family.

Prelude - The Weight Loss Coach

When Katy Lockhart overhears her boss discussing his dog's weighty issues with his best friend, she incorrectly assumes they are discussing her.

To complicate matters, she seeks assistance from Fat Busters in hopes of dropping her unwanted seventy-five pounds in record time so that she can retain her job - a job which has been more of a passion than a career over the last eight years.

When single and devilishly handsome Doctor Jack Anderson agrees to field a few phone calls for his sister - the owner of Fat Busters, he never imagined getting entangled in the Katy's misconstrued web - an overweight cry-bag who was obviously sitting on the rim of disaster.

He didn't know why she just didn't slap a weight discrimination lawsuit on her boss.

But there was something much more to sweet Katy that kept drawing him like an innocent fly to the ointment.....


The Weight Loss Coach - A Weight Loss Success Story

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