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Written by Sky Taylor, Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

An important part of any weight loss program is relaxation.

Although highly criticized in the Health World, as well as in the media, relaxation is one of the most important elements relating to weight loss, weight gain and weight maintenance.

Health Benefits of Relaxation

Here is just a short list of what relaxation can accomplish:

Relieves stress - a top contributor to weight gain.

Relieves tension on the body, particularly tension on the skeletal frame, as well as in the muscles.

Assists the body in healing.

Relaxation allows us to get in tune with our mind, or to let our thoughts run free, or to just molt. And it's okay to molt.

Relaxation aids the body in digestion as well as assists the kidneys which work best, at rest.

Human Body Isn't Intended to Constantly Be In An Active State

From the time we are born, it seems that we are programmed to go-go-go! Get it done! Be productive! Work! No lazy-hazy Mayberry days here - no swinging on the porch after Sunday dinner, even if Sunday is the Sabbath. Well, for most folks, that is.

It's time to relax, to realize that all that bustling about is more for the Name of Commerce than for anything else. 'Work hard, then go buy. That's right - spend every dime that you make. Surely, our store has something that you just can't live without?'

It then becomes one viscous circle, working to buy things that we end up putting on a credit card which ends up costing us more in interest than the 'can't live without that' item did in the first place.

So slow down. Be content with what you have for the moment.

Grab the newspaper, or a favorite movie, or even a non-violent video game. Scooch-up to a tall glass of diet-wise lemonade or tea, or a warm cup of diet-wise cocoa.

Put away your bills - your finances, for Today - at THIS moment, you are free. Relax, savor the good life and embrace all that is good therein because whether anyone will acknowledge it or not, you deserve to relax.

Diet Bites highly recommends relaxing a few hours each and every day at the end of a busy day. Exercise and over-activity before bedtime might interfere with sleep needs.

Ill Health Impact of Over Activity

If you know an athlete who has been at it a while - they will probably go in for surgery at one point in their life. Body builders go through hips like crazy. Lifting is exceptionally hard on the back, knees and legs.

Constant walking also serves to wear out our joints and create issues.

Keep in mind that the human body isn't designed to last forever, just for a lifetime....

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