Phase 3 of the Diet Bites Weight Loss Program

Written by Sky Taylor, Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

The Weight Maintenance Phase Following Successful Weight Loss

Now that you've lost the unwanted weight, your biggest challenge lays before you.

Weight Maintenance.

It isn't easy, believe me - and if you've lost weight in the past, then you also know first-hand that it isn't easy.

And it wasn't easy losing the excess weight, either - so you certainly don't want to regain the lost weight. Your goal should be to keep it off forever. If you see it creeping back up - it's time to adjust your sails to prevent dieting from happening all over again. As you may know, overweight and obesity are one continuous circle and unless we hop out of the circle, it will continue to keep us locked within.

Post Dieters & Weight Gain & How to Prevent This From Occurring

Commonly, whenever successful dieters regain the weight, they gain a few more pounds in the process until it becomes an even bigger, more viscous circle.

Here are the steps that you'll need to pay close attention to in the following weeks and months.

Remaster Your Diet Plan

The reduced calorie diet that you left behind should be picked back up and refashioned - like a piece of clay.

Add more calories slowly, until your scales retain your new weight. For a while, you'll be tottering about, doing a balancing act, but in time, you'll get the hang of things.

By the way, the diet that we're referring to that you left behind is one build on the official healthy food pyramid, consisting of fruit, vegetables, proteins, grains, dairy, nuts, seeds - and yes, fats which should always be used sparingly.

Work on Making Favorite Foods & Recipes Healthier

Remaster favorite recipes with weight-friendly ingredients.

Swim to skim dairy products, low in fat, rich in calcium.

Don't Forget to Exercise & Learn From Past Dietary Mistakes

Keep up the activity level, balancing it with relaxation.

Never look back. Build on your mistakes - on all that you've learned, and on all the experiences - both bad and good, that you've experienced along the Road to Thin.

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