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Phase 1 of Weight Loss Program | Activity Planner | Relaxation Planner | Diet Shake Recipes | The Sky Taylor Story

Phase 2 of the Diet Bites Weight Loss Program

Written by Diet Bites

Phase Two: Losing Excess Body Fat Forever

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The next phase of the Diet Bites Weight Loss Program enters the Dieting arena. You will require great patience as you attempt to lose the excess stored body fat. You should start your plan energized with motivation and willpower - but be forewarned that as you continue and as time passes, it may wane.

However, if you are very serious about losing weight - that willpower and motivation will stay with you throughout the process. I know because that is how I felt amid my final diet plan.

It is Vital to Get Your Doctor's Approval Before Starting ANY Diet Plan

Again, be sure to get your doctor's approval before going on this weight loss program, or any weight loss program. This always applies - to any program, not just this one. What if you have a hidden health condition that is contributing to your weight gain issues - or a health condition which requires treatment - such as a heart, kidney or blood pressure ailment. What about diabetes?

If you go on a weight loss plan which is rich in sodium-laced foods and if you have high blood pressure OR heart issues, the plan is apt to do more harm than good to your body.

If you go on a plan which is rich in proteins and sugars, and if you have hidden diabetes - the outcome isn't going to end well.

Therefore, it's best to check with your doctor before starting. You can garner all sorts of information amid your visit - such as professional advice related to your personalized healthy weight, to foods you should eat or avoid - to ruling out health issues which could cause barricades while you're attempting to lose the excess fat.

Diet Bites Free Menus

Our free diet menus contain meat, so vegetarians will need to adjust accordingly. In addition, our diet menus contain some foods that may trigger allergies in some individuals, such as peanut butter and shellfish. Therefore, be aware of your limitations in these areas - and of the foods which you can and which you can't eat.

There are also foods which contain purines - such as spinach which may be a problem for individuals suffering from kidney disease or gout. These are just a few of the reasons why you need your doctor's approval before going on a weight loss plan.

If there is something on the menu that you don't like, then by all means, pick another menu out - such as another dinner, or another supper. Although calories vary from menu to menu, they aren't that far apart.

If you have another menu in mind that's in your pantry - then enjoy that. Just keep your dinners and lunches around 450 calories each.

About Snacks On Our Plan

Snacks can be enjoyed any time during the day, but we recommend one snack at mid-morning, and one in the afternoon. And don't forget to add your bedtime slim shake each night. Milk is associated with acceleration of weight loss, so it might help to take the pounds off a bit faster.

I hope that you enjoy these unique diet menus and that they give you great satisfaction in filling up your tummy while decreasing the numbers on your weight scales.

Good luck on your Weight Loss Journey and I wish you all good things! AND You are ready for Phase 3.  Click to continue.

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