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Phase 1 of the Diet Bites Weight Loss Program

Written by Diet Bites

Phase One: Preparing for Successful & Safe Weight Loss Results

Preparing for weight loss is much like preparing for a long trip. One doesn't just hop in the car and take off for weeks or months at a time without detailed planning. There are clothes to pack, a map to map-out, adventures to plan - so many things involved in the planning phase, just as in dieting.

And then there's the vehicle itself.  We can't even think about taking a long trip without first checking the tires, the fluids, the wipers. Even after we strike out on the road we'll want to fill 'er up with fuel that gives us the most for our mileage.

On this line of thinking, the Diet Bites weight loss program recommends a trip to the doctor's office before setting out on your weight loss journey.

These are just a few of the things that your doctor can assist you with:

- Tests to rule out other medical issues that might be contributing or causing weight gain;

- Establishing a target weight loss goal and for a preview you can view the Diet Bites weight charts for Men and Women;

- Determining daily calories needs and for a preview, you can view the Diet Bites Daily Calorie Needs Estimator;

- Determine the level of exercise you can perform safely, as well as establish how much exercise and how often to exercise;

- Your doctor may also prescribe a diet pill that will assist you with weight loss by decreasing appetite;

- And finally, your doctor can determine if  the Diet Bites weight loss program is right for you.

After visiting with your doctor, you should have the following information:

- The number that you should weigh at the end of your diet plan - commonly called your Weight Loss Goal Number;

- The number of calories you should eat per day;

- Activity recommendations.

The next step of our weight loss program is as follows:

- Plan your diet around 3 healthy meals per day.  

Our weight loss program provides 30 meals that are very simple to prepare - as well as transportable.  Fast food selections are also included.

- Plan to enjoy 2 healthy snacks each day. We recommend choosing 2 fruits that you like and allowing about 60 calories per snack time. Because all fruit calories aren't created alike, use this data base to determine fruit calories.

- Plan to enjoy a 100 calorie shake before bedtime which consists of healthy milk and fruit. Evening Diet Shake Recipes. Plan to exercise a minimum of 10 minutes each day, which you can gradually build upon as time goes by.

- Plan to lose about 2 pounds per week. Choose a relaxing activity that you enjoy - such as sewing, reading, watching television which you can enjoy daily. Devise an emergency backup plan. 

Dividing the Daily Menu:

We recommend that the dieter divide their daily calories as follows:

25% for breakfast

30% for lunch

30% for dinner

15% for 2 snacks + 1 bedtime shake

Example:  If Dieter Dan is on a 1,500 calorie diet plan, he would divide his daily calories like this:

375 calories for breakfast

450 calories for lunch

450 calories for dinner

225 calories for 2 snacks + 1 bedtime shake

Our weight loss program menus are based on a 1,500-calorie daily menu. 

You are ready for Phase 2.  Click to continue.

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