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Diet Bites Weight Loss Program Activity Planner

Written by Diet Bites

Our Activity Recommendations:

1. minimum of 10 minutes per day, such as walking

2. stretching each and every day

An important of any weight loss program is exercise. If you don't like exercise, think of it in another way - as activity. Activity is a much nicer word, don't you think?

Fun Activities You Might Enjoy

But also go a 'step' forward and rather than thinking about leg lifts, sit-ups and butt-thrusts, think about swimming, skating, shooting hoops, hula-hooping, jumping rope, shopping at the mall, taking a shower bath with the kids, square dancing, belly dancing, playing volleyball, playing tetherball, playing kick the can, catching fireflies, baking bread, planting a herb garden, flying a kite, kissing, painting a picture on canvas, playing piano, playing guitar, hiking, rafting, canoeing, a walk on the beach, playing with a pet, playing Frisbee with or without your pet, hopscotch, playing tennis, playing softball, creating a scrapbook, shooting pictures, singing, playing baseball - the list is endless and if we notice one thing that many of the above activities have in common is that they are fun!

And that's how activity should be. When something is fun, we want to do it again and again.

One thing that we-humans tend to dislike is repetitiveness. We like it when things change up a bit - when things keep us curious or amused. Exercise machines may be fun at first, then that fun turns into the mundane repetitiveness.

About Exercise Machines

There are times however, when exercise machines come in handy. If you live in the sticks and it's either too hot or too cold to get out 'n about, exercise machines can help ensure a stronger level of health.

On the other hand, if you're able to interact with the Great Outdoors - get a leg up and start moving.  And when indoors, as mentioned above - there are so many small activities where one can have fun and move - from playing piano to creating a scrapbook. Although the tiny activities won't add up much in the way of calories-burned and aerobic health, every little bit certainly helps. And the more that we move, the more that we want to move.

Daily Exercise for Best Health

Be sure and get in your healthy dose of daily exercise. Begin by starting out slow - even if it's only five minutes a day, then slowly work up. Before long, you'll be running out of the door!

Although a minimum activity period is set at 10 minutes, you'll want to pace yourself - particularly if you have a lot of weight to lose. Ideally, once you build strength and set your pace, you'll keep building activity time to a minimum of 20 minutes - at least three times per week, preferably every other day.

During activity time, you'll need to get your heart rate up and the blood pumping such as by walking or swimming OR stick to your 10 minutes per day aerobic workout.

In Summary

Meet with your doctor to discuss activity limitations, if any. Decide on a target for activity time and build up to that time, slowly. When doing aerobic-type activity, be sure to do warm-up exercises both before and after your work-out.

Stretching can be done almost anywhere - even at work. Stretch the back, the legs such as when taking restroom breaks, and the arms. Hold them up and stretch gently towards the sky. Gently is the key because if you stretch too hard, you'll pull something crooked. And twisted muscles and tendons take a long time to heal.

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