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Our Weight Loss Program is Based on the Food Pyramid

The Diet Bites weight loss program is based on the official food pyramid and includes three healthy meals per day, two healthy daily snacks and a bedtime (or late evening) milkshake.

Our weight loss program also recommends moderate exercise - not head-banging, gut-wrenching, sweat-drenched torture, but exercise that the dieter finds fun to do, because if it's not fun then the weight loss program isn't going to work.

And our weight loss program also recommends relaxation time, an important but often forgotten phase of weight loss.

The Diet Bites weight loss program contains 30 daily menus (simple diet menus)  - in addition to the hundreds of free diet menus scattered throughout this site.  

The Diet Bites free weight loss program is a diet filled with healthy foods, based on calorie needs per day.

It's a program that aims for life-long weight maintenance and one that fights common diseases preempted by obesity.

There are three phases to our weight loss program:

Phase 1: Setting goals for weight loss.

Phase 2: Weight Loss Phase.

Phase 3: Weight Loss Maintenance.

In addition to the 30 daily diet menus, the following diet tools can be located in the nifty nooks and crannies at Diet Bites:

Hundreds of Free Diet Menus Thousands of Calorie Charts Over 1,000 Weight Loss Tips.

We also have thousands of articles relating to dieting, weight loss and health.

We have Weight Loss Coach Advice and  more Diet Motivation than you can shake a Diet Stick at.

Diet Bites contains over 100 tasty diet shake recipes.  We have fad diet information.

About Our Free Weight Loss Program

Our weight loss program even provides information on fast-food dining, an option that you won't find in most weight loss programs.

Even if you don't use our weight loss program, the diet motivation and information can assist you with weight loss - which is after all, the goal of Diet Bites.

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