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Free Diet Menu #30

Snack Suggestions: Enjoy two of your favorite fruits throughout your day.

Breakfast - 2 grains, 1 dairy

1 package of instant oatmeal* any flavor (150 calories)

1 slice of whole grain toast (70 calories)

1 cup of skim milk

*Tip:  to prepare at work, use a deep coffee cup filled with heated water.  

Lunch - 5 vegetables, 2 protein, 2 grains

Tuna Salad & Corn Chips Recipe

-4 cups of shredded lettuce

-1/2 cup of diced tomato

- 1 can of drained albacore tuna

- teaspoon of pickle relish if desired

- 2 Tablespoons of Light Mayo

1 serving of corn chips (allowed 100 calories)

Also enjoy 5 saltines.  

Dinner - 2 proteins, 2 grains, 1 vegetable, 1 fruit

1 roasted (in oven) Cornish hen, without the skin - meat only

1/2 cup of Stove Top Stuffing - any variety OR any bread selection such as sliced bread, rolls or a piece of cornbread

1 Teaspoon of plum or strawberry jam (or Splenda-wise cranberry sauce)

1/2 cup of yams (add ground cinnamon & a spoon of brown sugar for a sweet yam mix but add the sugar calories)

1 slice of whole grain bread (70 calories). If you opted for bread over stuffing, that's okay. You can still enjoy both. Your body requires a minimum of six servings of grain daily in order to support optimum health.

If you don't like roasted chicken or Cornish hen - enjoy any protein source that you do like, whether it's roasted pork, beef, turkey or fish - or if you're on the vegetarian side of life, enjoy a side of your favorite beans or legumes.

Diet Evening Shake - Choose any recipe you like.

1 dairy, 1 fruit

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