Diet Bites Weight Loss Program, Menu 15

Written by Sky Taylor, Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Free Diet Menu #15

Enjoy the following snacks throughout your day: 1 banana and 1 apple of medium size.

Breakfast - 2 grains, 1 fat, 1 dairy

1 serving of your favorite hot cereal with skim milk, spoon of sugar (175 calories)

1 slice of whole grain toast (70 calorie)

1 pat of reduced fat margarine  

Lunch - 1 protein, 2 grains, 2 vegetables, 1 fat

Egg Salad Sandwich Recipe:

Mash one boiled egg and add 1 Tablespoon of light Mayo, salt, pepper, 1/2 teaspoon of yellow mustard and 1 teaspoon of pickle relish. Spread between two slices of whole grain bread (70 calories each).

1 small plate of assorted raw vegetables consisting of: any baby carrots, celery sticks, radishes, cherry tomatoes, cucumber or broccoli trees.

Enjoy 1 Hershey Chocolate OR Dark Chocolate Bar (230 calories)  

Dinner - 1 protein, 3 grains (batter on shrimp), 1 vegetable

3 ounces of fried shrimp (allow 225 calories)

1/2 cup of couscous

1 cup of shredded carrots mixed with 1 teaspoon of light Mayo, 1 teaspoon of raisins

1 baked hushpuppies OR bread (allow 55 calories)

Diet Evening Shake - Choose any recipe you like. Diet Menu 16

1 dairy, 1 fruit

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