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Free Diet Menu #13

Enjoy two raw natural fruits of your choice.

Breakfast - 2 grains, 2 dairy, 1 fruit

1 bagel (200 calories) with 2 Tablespoons of regular cream cheese

1 cup of fresh berries

Lunch - 1 protein, 1 dairy, 2 grains

1/2 can of store-bought chili, extra lean (no more than 200 calories per serving)

Add 2 Tablespoons of cheese, and enjoy with 10 whole grain OR saltine crackers OR 100 calories worth of corn chips.

Also enjoy 1/2 cup of yellow or white hominy with chili OR 1 slice of whole grain bread OR 1 two-by-two wedge of cornbread OR 1 whole grain roll - about 70 calories.  

Dinner - 2 grains, 1 protein, 2 dairy, 3 vegetables

Cheese Quesadilla - 2 tortillas no more than 110 calories each. 'Fry' in pan using cooking spray until golden brown.

Remove and add 1 slice of mozzarella cheese (60 calories), 1/4 cup of your favorite salsa and 1 cup of raw spinach to one tortilla.

Quickly place remaining tortilla on tip to form quesadilla. Cut into four triangles.

Dip into 2 Tablespoons of regular sour cream; also enjoy as much salsa as you like with your quesadilla.

Also enjoy 1/2 cup of refried beans.

You can spice them up by adding a bit of ground chili powder, ground cumin, a bit of salsa and cooked onions to them. Sprinkle on 1 Tablespoon of grated cheese - any variety. Our calorie calculation is based on using the cheese.

Also enjoy the following sauteed with the quesadilla: 1/2 cup of mushrooms, 1/2 cup of onions, 1 shredded carrot.

Diet Evening Shake - Choose any recipe you like.  Diet Menu 14

1 dairy, 1 fruit

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