How I Lost Over 125 Pounds Forever~Sky Taylor

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April - The Year of the Final Diet

Spring was in the air and I felt as if I were slowly being reborn.

The birds were singing in the air, wildflowers were springing up all over, the cold weather was dying down and I had a huge song in my heart - even though it was a bit off-key.

The Weight Loss Pattern, You Have One Too!

All my meticulous weighing was paying off as I'd now figured out my weight loss pattern.

It appeared that I'd lose 10 pounds very slowly - like a snail, then suddenly, the next 10 would fall off quickly. In helping others lose weight, I've noticed the same pattern in many individuals.

The slow periods that I was locked in were in fact Weight Loss Plateaus, my body adjusting to the weight loss, balancing out the act, requiring time in order to process the amount of fat loss - as well as to re-balance the body.

Eating Breakfast Jump-Starts the Metabolism

At this point in my diet, my March diet had left me with the desire to eat something for breakfast - something that has stayed with me this decade going forward, and a factor that I attribute to weight management, but during this certain April, The Year of the Final Diet, I only allowed myself a little something for breakfast, such as a couple of pieces of dry toast, or a scrambled egg cooked in cooking spray.

At lunch, I ate like a bird. No dinner. No bedtime snack. No nothing.

Just an abundance of exercise - and how I still had the strength to march all those miles, I'll never know. I do know that my face held a smile with each step towards another pound lost.

I was lucky that I didn't kick the bucket at the time, but if I had - I would have died with a smile on my face.

Little Black Swimsuit Time, a Motivating Factor for Weight Loss

For the first time in years, I purchased a swimsuit - a black one that was several sizes smaller than my now-179 pound frame. A size 6.

And every night I'd pull that sucker on - or at least try to. It wouldn't budge past my thighs, but I vowed to get into it. Even if it killed me.

Disliking How My Body Looks in the Mirror

I still hated how my body looked - cellulite in every cheek imaginable. And that was so wrong - hating myself like I did, continually punishing myself to drop pounds faster, faster, faster, faster. There was a smarter way to drop those pounds, and I knew that - but I decided to ignore and give that notion the cold shoulder. Faster was better.

By the end of April, I was down to 165 pounds - delighted and thrilled. All but my wardrobe. I decided that I needed to buy more than a swimsuit if I didn't want to start parading around in my Birthday Suit - and it still needed a lot of work.

However, due to my faithful time put in doing sit-ups, my tummy looked much flatter than otherwise.

But my Diet Joy was short-lived as May heralded its fierce bald head....  Continue

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