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March - The Year of the Final Diet

Deciding to shake up things, I opted for breakfast as my sole meal of the day. Every morning I'd stop by McDonald's and order the pancake breakfast.

There's nothing that I love better than a stack of pancakes, and McDonald's are tasty. I allowed myself two syrups and no butter.

I noticed that my weight was beginning to drop a bit - two pounds. Now I was at 193 pounds. But I wanted to lose weight faster, faster, faster, faster!

At this point in my diet plan I'd only dropped about thirty pounds. I was looking much better, appearance wise, but it wasn't wise choosing to eat only one meal per day. I was placing my very life in jeopardy. I must have angels watching out for me, possibly feeling sorry for me at the time - because of my stupidity.

Time to Visit the Doc For a Check-Up

So I headed off to visit my family doctor, who was delighted to see that I'd lost weight. And my high blood pressure appeared to be in check. Perhaps if I continued to lose weight, I could get off my medication.

I asked him if there was anything that I could take to help me lose weight - something that wouldn't give me the shakes or make me feel like I'd just gotten off a wild ride.

He prescribed Merida - which was very costly at the time, but it was awesome in dealing with a raging appetite. After only 3 days on the Merida, I had dropped another 5 pounds. 188 pounds - woohoo!

I wasn't sure if the diet medication or the lack of calories was responsible for the weight loss - all I knew was that I was happy. For the first time in years, I felt truly good about myself. I know now that it wasn't the medication at all, rather a weight loss plateau that I'd been riding combined with a starvation diet plan. Starving doesn't accelerate weight loss - it decreases the rate of fat loss, negatively impacting the metabolic burn - the metabolic rate as it slows to conserve precious energy.

Weight Loss Results Getting Noticed

People began to notice my weight loss, asking me how I'd accomplished such a vast amount of weight loss in such a short time. Not wanting to look like a ninny, I'd just smile and shrug. "Just watching what I eat and exercising," I'd tell them.

Weight Loss Increases Risk for Getting Pregnant

I also knew that with weight loss comes an increased risk for pregnancy. I'd always had such a difficult time getting pregnant, then carrying the babies. I lost two babies, one at almost 7 months due to gestational diabetes and another during my first trimester. There were others which I suspect were miscarriages, but I didn't have them confirmed. I had been 'late' about a month and there had been lots of blood and clotting along with what appeared to be the beginning of a fetus.

At the time, I wasn't on birth control so I decided that an operation was necessary. High blood pressure, diabetes and 40ish didn't mix well with pregnancy and I didn't want to increase health risks by using birth control. Of course, I didn't mind increasing my health risks by starving - but then again, that was a different matter. After all, I felt giddy - just flat wonderful.

The operation went quickly, but as I stepped on the scales to weigh at the hospital, I was a bit frustrated that it read 185 pounds. I was still wanting faster, faster, faster, faster.

Dangerous Side Effects of Starvation Diet

I was on the last few days of my month-long, genius-breakfast diet plan when I became very ill. Shaking, dizzy - so sick to my tummy and I knew the culprit. Due to the expense of the Merida, I had only been able to take it for a couple of weeks. So I knew it wasn't a reaction from that. The problem? My body was crying out for food.

However, I didn't want to blow my diet plan because by gosh, I was going to lose all the weight or die trying - but in my case it was 'diet trying'.

So I went to the freezer, pulled out a bag of mixed vegetables, cooked them and ate them - the entire bag, without butter. I felt so full that I thought I was going to explode, all for a tiny 125 calories. Not bad at all. Continue

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