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Dieting on Valentine's Day, My February Diet Plan

After watching the people around me consumed heart-shaped boxes of delectable chocolates, I was momentarily snapped to my Diet Senses.

Temptation didn't exist - I was determined to get all the weight off and even chocolate - rich, dark, creamy chocolate held no temptation for me.

I was staring the Diet Devil in the face - head on, and I was winning, although I didn't realize at the time that my body was more determined than my current level of health.

Lunch Equaled Salad, Sandwich Or Soup

But I did realize that I had to start feeding myself some food before I fell over dead, so I allowed myself to eat lunch. Not a big lunch - a small salad, a sandwich, or a bowl of soup.

How I made it through February without falling on the ground and sprouting up flowers, I'll never know.

Picking Up the Pace on Exercise

My exercise routine was going full force now. I had increased my distance but now I felt comfortable walking rather than running.

Sometimes my dear old dad would come to my house and join me. We'd walk a two-mile lane, sometimes two times a day. I remember how proud he was of me, supporting me as best as he could.

Only he had no idea of the limited diet I was consuming - or should I say 'not consuming'.

Weighing Daily to Monitor Results of Fat Loss

I continued to weigh every day. Some experts say to weigh only once per week - but that's for the birds. In fact, on some days I weighed several times throughout the day.

What I discovered by studying the numbers assisted me in knowing how much weight I would lose in the forthcoming weeks and months ahead.

I highly encourage you to weigh often while you are dieting as you can also discover secrets about how your body handles weight loss. If you have a significant amount of excess body fat to lose, you may experience much of what I saw.

I'd lose ten pounds so slowly that I wanted to pull out my hair - that is, what I had left of it. And then amazingly, the next ten pounds would fall off rapidly.

This situation followed me throughout the existence of my final diet plan.

By the end of February, my scales appeared to be locked. I was so upset that I jumped up and down on them, which wasn't smart because I broke the darn things. Why were the numbers stuck on 195 pounds? I'd been there for about a month now. No fair! Continue

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