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Broken Diet, Broken Bathroom Scales

My weight scales flaked out and due to finances, I wasn't able to weigh for several months. When I was able to purchase a cheap pair of weight scales, my weight indicated 185 pounds - more than I had weighed full-term with my second son!

I could have been knocked over with a feather. Surely something was wrong? After all, these were ultra-cheap scales.

Something was wrong - but not with the scales....

Something was broken inside of me - my appetite button.

I seemed to never be able to get enough food. It tasted so good, and it provided a sense of comfort in my too-stressful world.

Because I want to keep my story upbeat, there is much of my abusive private life that I don't feel comfortable in sharing. To put everything into a mysterious capsule, my husband Tom is all to me - Tom made my life worth living. Through his generous, sincere and genuine love, I have thrived and survived. Without him, I know in my heart of hearts that I would not be alive.

He pulled me from an abusive state to a state of independence. My life was threatened on two occasions, I'd been knocked [slapped] into the back seat of a car from the front, my hair had almost been pulled from my head and the verbal abuse, the constant cheating and lies that I had endured some 25 years had taken their toll on me. No one knew the horror I suffered because I kept it all locked up inside.

I think in a big way this contributed to my weight gain issues. I couldn't do anything right according to the person I was with at the time, so I found refuge in food.

Back to the core of my story - my weight loss success....

Times of Celebration Equals Times of Weight Gain for the Avid Food Addict

On those occasions where I experienced weight loss success and reached my goal weight, I would let loose by celebrating my success. Many times, I celebrated a few cupcakes too many.

And when the weight began to edge back on, I would think once more, "I'm not going to worry about gaining a few pounds right now. After all, I lost all my unwanted weight before and I know I can do it again." Then I'd drop my yo-yo and keep on skipping merrily along. Until that five-pound weight gain turned into a forty-pounder.

Random Dieting When the Mood Strikes

After going through an I hate my body phase' then I'd go through an I'm going to torture my body by dieting and teach it to NEVER gain weight again' phase. My diet on many days wasn't enough to keep a gnat alive.

At one point I enrolled in college and took nutrition courses, learning the ins and outs of proper nutrition. But when it came to putting those practices into use in the real world, they didn't work. Why? Because they were developed by individuals who were not victims of obesity.

When my excess weight exploded beyond two-hundred pounds, my attempts at weight loss came few and far between.

Diets that used to last for a few weeks were suddenly lasting for a few days, then a couple of days, then a handful of hours. I'd start my diet when I woke up and by noon I was foraging in the Happy Goody Garden.

Needless to say, at one point I simply didn't believe in myself. I gave up. It was impossible ever being thin again.

And it was embarrassing embarrassing at work, embarrassing to my children, embarrassing whenever I saw people that I hadn't seen in years. I just wanted to hang my head and cry like an obese ostrich, too tired to dig a hole big enough so that I could stick my head inside.

But I didn't. No, instead I made jokes about my weight. After all, when everyone laughed they were laughing with me not at me, right?  Continue

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