The Sky Taylor Weight Loss Story

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Weight Issues - From Birth to the Back-Forty

From the time that I popped out of my mother's womb, I was a shrimp. A tab over 6 pounds, I didn't grow as quickly as other kids my age.

A shorty - and for a shorty, weight is really difficult to control.

However, I did just that until I entered my adult years. In the second grade, I was a rail - and I went through my typical plump phase when I hit my late teens, then quickly trimmed down. I had one of the prettiest figures around, often told that I looked like a little Coke bottle.

Of course, that made me feel good - until I discovered that I could cook quite well.

By the time that I got pregnant with my first son, I weighed 143 pounds.

By the time he was delivered, I was up to 163 pounds. After the delivery, I quickly slimmed down to my trim weight of 123 pounds and felt so proud. I had a fine strapping son, my trim figure back - boy, life was good. And then tonsillitis stomped those dreams into the ground.

At 23, the doctor recommended that my tonsils come out asap. After the surgery, he told me that I should be very careful because many patients tended to put on weight after this type of surgery. Oh I tired - so hard, but the weight just packed on along with the double-fudge brownies.

Those darn little brownies!  But it was much more than brownies. It was a combination of things - a poor diet, little activity, stress, weight gain - then more stress because of the weight gain, among other things.

Gestational Diabetes Due to Overweight Issues

Then came the miscarriages two confirmed, one unconfirmed. The root cause - gestational diabetes. One pregnancy ended as I was nearing my seventh month and it was a very difficult time.

Seven years after my first son was born, my second son came along. I was thrilled because I didn't think that I'd be able to have another child - with so many miscarriages.

As I've grown older and much wiser, I know that when there is a family history of diabetes, bringing a child into the world should be a very well-thought-out event.

Thankfully, both sons are diabetic-free, but of course that risk still exists.

Weight Spiraled After Pregnancy

At the time of conception, I weighed 163 pounds - the same that I'd weighed when I had been full-term with my first son. By the time I was rolled into the delivery room, my weight had spiked to 183 pounds.

Due to the gestational diabetes, during my pregnancy, I had weaned myself off of sweets - wanting nothing to interfere with my unborn baby. I had joked to everyone around me that once the baby came, I wanted a Snickers bar - and everyone that visited me after the birth brought me a Snickers bar.

Within a few months after my second son's birth, my weight dropped to 150 pounds. My dad was so proud, telling me as he shook his stubby finger at me, "Don't you ever get fat again!"

Although I looked fair, I was still much too heavy for my small frame.  Continue

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