The Sky Taylor Story
How Sky Lost Over 100 Pounds

Written by Sky Taylor, Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

If you have tried losing weight in the past and have failed, you're certainly not alone.

As you know, I was also a total Diet Failure over and over and yes, over again - a person who felt doomed to a lifetime of obesity.

And although obesity had its perks (chiefly chocolate chip cookies hot out of the oven and right into my chubby little hands) obesity had very little potential for my future.

With a family history of diabetes, heart disease and cancer, I was acutely aware that I was playing with a sleeping rattlesnake not knowing when it was going to come to life and strike. At the time, those chocolate chip cookies were worth the gamble.

Why My Weight Refused to Surrender

Throughout my Diet History I managed from time-to-time to accomplish weight loss.

However, soon those pesky pounds would pack back on, sometimes creeping up on me and other times, well I simply gained them back because I just enjoyed eating.

And although there is nothing wrong with eating because if we didn't enjoy eating, man's days on earth would be greatly truncated when an individual eats too much simply because they like how food tastes, then 'Houston, we've got a problem'. That problem? Weight gain. A lot of weight gain.

The most frustrating thing about enjoying eating is that one can never get enough. If only there were a way to satisfy the intense desire to enjoy any food that we wanted, and to enjoy as much as we wanted without weight gain, then this problem - which impacts so many individuals, would be solved.

So with this said, the fact that I enjoyed eating was a chief reason why my weight kept returning. It was one of my Weight Gain Triggers. I was unable to get a handle on my cravings. But 'loving to eat' is just one reason that causes weight gain and obesity.

I also went through phases where I lost weight, then I would let myself go and enjoy the foods that I loved.

I'd allow myself to regain to my former weight, because after all, I'd lost the weight before and I could do it again. Trouble was, I kept over-shooting my weight gain until it pummeled out of control.

Like so many other dieters, I also experienced Diet Dilemma. I didn't know where to start when it came to losing weight such as what to eat. Whenever I thought about losing weight, I grabbed onto canned tuna, grapefruit, boiled eggs and hot air popcorn.

As for activity, it is with heart-felt regret that my physical education teacher turned me off where activity is concerned when I was a young teenager. There aren't many people in life that I don't love - and she wasn't one of them. In all honesty, I have never experienced anything in life that was quite this brutal - physically brutal. Whatever problems the lady had, she definitely took it out on the young girls in her class - and it wasn't only this student who felt brutalized.

Most all diets recommend activity as all healthy weight loss plans should.

However, when activity turns into things that fuel gold-medals, then the average dieter isn't going to stick to the over-sweaty routine.  Healthy exercise is activity in moderation. The goal should be to strengthen the body - not kill it in one fell swoop.

So after the 'final diet' and all the weight was gone, I realized that I had to find an activity that I enjoyed - one that I would embrace forever and today. Tom was my diet-saving grace as he introduced me to hiking. It was love at first sight. Continue

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