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September Forward - The Year of the Final Diet

When my weight spiraled to 117 pounds, my husband Tom began to get a bit concerned. He told me that I was getting really bony looking, and I felt bony. And my color wasn't good at all.

By the time that Christmas rolled around, I was down to 109 pounds - way too thin for my frame. I was in a size 2 now, and it was baggy on me.

It was at this point that I decided to put my nutrition knowledge to use.

I knew what to do, always had - but I'd chosen to ignore what I knew. After all, I knew best.

The bottom line was that I didn't want to ever-never-ever regain the weight that I'd lost.

Over a period of about two years, my weight stabilized naturally as I embraced a healthy diet. I'm a stickler when it comes to counting calories - and it's been my Diet Salvation.

An Avid Calorie Counter to Maintain Healthy Recommended Weight

Since my dramatic weight loss, I've targeted a specific number of calories that I consume each day. I've always had a sweet-tooth as big as Dallas, so at times, it can be challenging.

Oddly enough, in more than a decade, there hasn't been one time when I've let myself go at the table - or away from the table. I keep my calorie-limit in mind and if I ever splurge and have a piece of cake - whenever I reach my allotted calories, I quit eating for the day.

To date, my blood pressure is in check as are my cholesterol levels. Diabetes appears to be holding at bay - for now. I'm medication-free, and feel great for a woman who is now about half the woman that she used to be.

Learning From Past Dieting Mistakes

Due to the toll that my silly diet had taken on my health and the ill effects that I experienced, I dedicated myself to use my personal experience to help others so they wouldn't make the same mistakes.

My husband Tom, who has more brains in the end of his little finger than I do in my entire body, has a saying that I have always loved, "Everyone should have at least one noble cause in life."

Diet Bites is mine - and I hope that this old girl helps you achieve weight loss success in a healthy way. 

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