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August - The Year of the Final Diet

August 17th - my birthday. And what a gift that I'd given myself. At 138 pounds, I'd ditched about 85 pounds in about 8 months.

That equals about eight and a half pounds per month of true body fat that I lost.

2 Pounds Per Week, About Average Amount for Weight Loss

But even amid all my starvation, I had only managed losing a little over 2 pounds per week, on average.

This goes to show that it's best to lose weight using non-starvation methods. Knowing what I know now, I would have determined the amount of daily calories that my healthy recommended weight required.

Next, I would have built my daily diet upon the American Food Pyramid and its healthy food groups. I would have continued to exercise which not only assisted in dropping weight, but it also assisted in firming and toning my body so that I appeared thinner than I was at the time - particularly those sit-ups with firmed and flattened the abdominal area.

Using this method of weight loss, I would not have been faced with so many challenges once I reached my target weight. My body would not have been brutalized by dieting, either. Who knows the long-term effects of what I did? I do know that I'll find out as time progresses.

Miracle Weight Loss?

Although those around me claimed it was nothing short of a miracle, I was disappointed with the rate of weight loss. I still wanted faster, faster, faster, faster.

And what was with this darn Weight Loss Plateau? I'd been stranded on top of this godless mountain for too long!

And then down, down, down, down - blam - 9 pounds almost all at once! The weight scales now read 129 pounds and I was smiling from ear to ear.

And that little black swimsuit was fitting rather nicely now.

Weight Loss Revealed Body Parts - Knees, Neck & Yes, a Waistline

Better yet - I had knees! I had a collar bone! I had a neck! I even had smaller breasts!

And my meals had gotten a bit healthier, as I'd decided I'd made my body pay long enough.

I remember my dear mother popping in one Saturday afternoon and how impressed she was with my rosemary and lemon pepper salmon steak. Love her I do - but no one was getting this delectable dish, not even my Mommy.

And now, we move forward to the final page of my weight loss success story. Don't you just love a happy ending? Continue

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