How I Lost Over 125 Pounds Forever~Sky Taylor

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July - The Year of the Final Diet

Firecrackers were going off everywhere as I silently celebrated my Weight Loss Independence.

I was now comfortable enough to allow myself a bit of breakfast, a bit of lunch and an evening snack.

Everyone around me was going ga-ga, awed about the vast amount of weight that I'd lost.

Once-Fat Sky Now Slender While Once-Slender Relatives Now Fat

At a family reunion, I swear that a thatch of bees could have swarmed inside of my cousin's and aunt's mouths.

Here I was, all slender - for the first time in years while all of them were on the upswing in regards to weight. Oddly enough, my once-slender cousins and aunts had started to add a bit of bacon to their bodies. Some, more bacon than others. But unlike them, I didn't point that out. They hadn't been so kind towards me in the past.

Dreaded Fat Pictures From the Past, Fat Shaming

As they brought out pictures from the previous family reunion and innocently (I suppose) pointed out how fat I'd been 'last year', I tucked a false smile onto my face, deeply embarrassed, deeply hurt. It was a form of fat shaming and I suppose they were either oblivious to the fact or just being mean.

After that, I lost contact with them until my beloved Uncle's funeral. They had gotten so large, so fat that I must say I felt like they deserved getting back what they had given. Most individuals in my shoes would have told them [as they had told me after not seeing me for some time], "Wow, you've gotten really fat! Let's take pictures to document the moment!"

But not me. I actually felt bad that they had gained so much weight because I knew the pain that they were suffering - both physically and emotionally. I have not seen them since then and will likely go to my grave without seeing them again.

I learned the hard way that people who hurt you intentionally just aren't worth being around. When you're the one making all the effort to be loving and others just want to sit and criticize - it's time to move on. In all my years of life, not once did they ever make the first move to contact me. That in itself says a lot, doesn't it?

About Those Fat Shaming Photos

I know that so many people feel excited about showing their before and after photos, but I sure don't. Those are pictures that torment me - pictures that I never want to see again. I know who I was; I know who I am. I am the same person that I was, only thin.

For a true heart, remains a good heart through good times and bad.

I destroyed all of the personal photos of myself when I was so fat; there are those that remain with these relatives and I would imagine with my former place of employment during that time. We had lots of functions that I was generally in charge of and the boss lady took lots of pictures.

I secretly wished that I'd never allowed myself to gain weight - to get so fat. And how could I get a hold of those rotten little pictures from my aunts and cousins and burn them? Then again, if it gives them joy to see them, what's the harm?

By the end of July, I was standing on top of a Weight Loss Plateau that would not let go. It was as bad as the first Weight Loss Plateau that I had encountered. At 138 pounds, I picked up the pace. Continue

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