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Appearance & State of Health

All too often, we become fixated with our outward appearance when it comes to that magic number on our weight scales.

We may find a certain online 'recommended weight' chart inferring that a certain recommended weight is set in stone.

Too Thin Doesn't Equal Healthy

We may have a respected peer or celebrity who wears a size fetus - and we may decide that we need to wear a size fetus as well.

We may choose our weight based on our partner's preferences, rather than the weight at which we would feel most healthy.

Perfect or Ideal Body Weight Tips

Healthy. This is the magic word when it comes to 'perfect OR ideal weight'.

Our ideal weight may be several pounds over what some silly online weight chart indicates. Our ideal weight may be a few pounds less than some silly online weight chart indicates.

Our ideal weight may differ greatly from a friend who is exactly the same age, gender, ethnicity and height that we are as we may have a smaller or larger skeletal frame OR more or less muscle mass.

If we are female and if we have been particularly blessed in certain areas of the body - specifically the hips, the breasts and bun areas, we're going to naturally weigh MORE than indicated on standard recommended body weight charts. These areas can add significant pounds to the bathroom scales - ten or more, depending upon how much we've been blessed in these areas of the body.

Rather than aiming for perfect weight or ideal size, we'd best be served if we based what we weigh on how we feel in addition to factoring in our personal medical conditions.

Judy's Body Weight Story

Example #1: Judy is 50 pounds over her recommended healthy body weight but feels wonderful. She has no outstanding health issues. While she should work on trimming down in order to avoid future health issues that are often associated with overweight, obesity and ageing, she doesn't need to panic and rush to the nearest starvation diet plan.

Ellen's Body Weight Story

Example #2: Ellen is 50 pounds overweight and suffers from high blood pressure and early signs of diabetes. She feels good on some days, worse on others - and rarely feels wonderful. It would assist Ellen greatly if she went on a weight loss plan so that her health would improve as well as her state of well-being.

John's Body Weight Story

Example #3: John is 75 pounds over his recommended weight but feels and looks wonderful. He is a professional body builder and muscle mass weighs very heavily. Because of this, John is able to weigh much more than the standard recommendation for healthy weight - while still looking trim and lean. His body contains little fat and is comprised chiefly of lean muscle mass.

Joe's Body Weight Story

Example #1: Joe is 75 pounds over his recommended weight and feels like a plug nickel. He is hard-pressed to remember when he felt like a million bucks. He has no outstanding health issues, although his back and knees give him issues with pain and aches. He also suffers from frequent heartburn.

Like Ellen, Joe would benefit greatly by losing those excess pounds.

In Weight Loss Summary

The most important thing when it comes to weight isn't our outward appearance - rather our inward appearance, and the best indicator that all is running smoothly on the outside is the way that we feel each and every day of our lives.

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