Dancing With the Donuts

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Donuts......just the word evokes visions of love, peace, harmony and the Sugar Plum Fairy.

Oh my, how happy the world would be if someone - anyone could invent a calorie-free, fat-free, carb-free donut that tastes just like the ones sitting in our favorite bakeries today. But....they don't sit there long.

Enter Ms. Goody2Shoes who is so good and kind that she frequently drops by her favorite donut store when heading off for the happy work place. Obviously, 2Shoes works in fairy land, along with the Sugar Plum Fairy.

Nonetheless, several mornings each week she arrives with a box of gold in her hot little hands, spreading peace, love and joy throughout the office along with a plethora of fat and calories. What shortly follows is the makings for a new movie: The Invasion of the Donut Snatchers. And everyone wants to be a snatcher.

It's no wonder that the employee's rate of heart disease has increased ten percent since 2Shoes joined the company two years ago. And everything except profits are bigger these days.....bigger belts, bigger skirts, bigger pants, bigger undergear, bigger egos - HEY, wait a minute! How'd that get in there? Back to our Diet Saga....

Like many individuals, 2Shoes is simply 'showing the love'. And in fact, there is nothing wrong with enjoying an occasional donut. As we have learned in this Weight Loss Motivation section at Diet Bites, even a salad can prove to be  more deadly than a cheeseburger.

Diet cartoon by Diet Bites

Sugar & Salt

The unfortunate thing is that too much of ANY good thing, isn't such a good thing anymore. For example - let's examine salt.

A little goes a long way in flavoring foods and increasing the taste. Too much, and the food is inedible. WAAAAY too much can prove lethal.

One grain of salt to which legions of grains of salt are added equals legions of potential health dangers. It's a Pandora's Salt Box - and this Rule of Diet Thumb applies to every food and beverage that we insert in our daily diets. Again - a little, good. A lot - NOT, of any food. As to salt....it can blow up a body bigger than a blimp in two shakes of a salt shaker. Who needs that?

Donut Calories Really Add Up

So, how many calories is 2Shoes inviting to the office? Let's take a quick gander:

One small donut that is about 3" in diameter contains about 124 calories and 5.92 total fat grams. Not too bad at all, eh?

One medium donut that is about 3" - 3" in diameter contains about 255 calories and 12.22 total fat grams. Okay, still not too bad, although the fat content is getting over the Diet Moon with no cow in sight.

One large donut that is about 4" - 4" in diameter contains about 299 calories and 14.32 total fat grams. Ut-oh...it's getting a little Diet Serious....

One extra large donut that is about 5" in diameter contains about 487 calories and 23.30 total fat grams. Okay, it's getting really Diet Serious....

One JUMBO donut that is about 6" in diameter contains about 626 calories and 29.99 total fat grams. A "Mommy help!!!" moment, for sure.

One donut hole contains about 52 calories and 2.48 total fat grams. One bite, then walk away or face 'waddling' away in tomorrow's future should hole-consumption become addictive. But also remember that for those 52 calories, you could have enjoyed a LARGE fat-free frozen pop OR better yet, a few fresh apricots, or of a very sweet banana, or a small apple, or 1 cup of fresh strawberries, or 1 cup of fresh melon.....

One donut stick contains about 223 calories and 10.70 total fat grams. Again, not too Diet Serious with the exception of the fat. But since we can't squeeze the fat out of the donut stick.....can we say Diet Serious?

One donut twist contains about 359 calories and 17.19 total fat grams. OKAY, here's the twist. This may be a 'Grab Your Rice cake Moment'. Fat content is seriously serious, as is the calorie content. Let's ask ourselves, "Is this treat really worth the calories and fat content." If your answer is 'Yes it is," RUN - do not WALK away from 2Shoes and her golden goody box filled with greasy globs of goodness that aren't great for your good health!

In Weight Loss Summary

Do enjoy your favorites foods, but do such with a Level Diet Head. Diet Heads in the sand equals sand between the ears, and in that event, it's difficult to hear one's own self saying 'that's a no-no'.

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