Cranky Just Comes With Age....Not Necessarily

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Cranky comes with age. Not necessarily.

While some seniors will blame their cranky state on ageing, the blame might better be served on the individual's current health conditions.

To better experience what many seniors face each and every day, try this experiment.

See What Old Age Feels Like With Our Quick Experiment

Put on a pair of dark sunglasses. Next, put a different shoe on each foot. Next, stuff some cotton in your ears. And you know how your mouth feels when you have a sore throat and you treat it with a bit of numbing spray? Cold or not, your taste buds are paralyzed for a good hour. And oh - let's also wrap all of our fingers together in duct tape, leaving the thumbs free.

At this point, our vision is hampered - just like many seniors. Our hands are very difficult to work, just like many seniors who have arthritis. Our hearing is now muffled - just like many seniors. And the shoes certainly effect our otherwise good balance. And if we imagine how our taste is impacted with numbing sprays, we can now empathize with a decrease sense of taste experienced by many seniors.

In addition to deteriorating health conditions, many seniors face the following emotional challenges:

- They may worry about the ones they leave behind such as an ageing spouse, and how they will cope with life going forward.

- They may be frustrated about growing older because time is limited and very precious, something that youth often takes for granted.Diet cartoon by Diet Bites

- They may be irritated about what age is doing to their appearance.

Getting Healthier At Any Age

Ageing doesn't mean that a higher level of health cannot be achieved - even with a late start. One of the best things that the ageing senior can do in way of better health is to keep moving - whether it involves a nice walk, a game of darts or shopping at the local mall.

A healthy diet may now include 6 small meals each day rather than 3 large meals as the body's metabolism works much differently as it ages. More frequent meals will also assist in keeping blood sugar levels more stable.

If you are a senior OR if you know a senior, make sure they have a hobby that they enjoy. Most individuals who live to be over 100 years old embrace a hobby - or simply something they enjoy doing that has them ready to hop out of bed each and every morning.

Seniors & Hydration Issues

Scientific studies indicate that many seniors do not get enough water or fluids in their daily diet and become easily dehydrated. That in-itself can zap energy. If you are a senior, be sure to ask your doctor's advice on your recommended daily fluid intake next time you visit.

Side Effects of Medications & Seniors

Many pills and medications can trigger a myriad of side effects including dizziness, upset stomach, skin reactions and irritability. If you notice a change in mood, please speak with your doctor. Always ask the potential side effects of any medication you will be taking AND if there is anything else that you can do to forego the medication. At times, a change in diet can assist with digestive issues rather than taking a medication which may produce more unpleasant side-effects than-did the digestive issue.

In Weight Loss Summary

Getting older commonly means more and more health complaints. Embracing a healthy daily diet as well as exercise and a hobby can increase energy, muscle strength, bone dexterity and even life span.

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