The Picky Diet Eater

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Sad but so, everyone likes different foods

AND there are some foods that some people dislike (and in a great way). In fact, some people not only dislike a particular food - but the entire food group! The most common disliked Food Group? Vegetables....

Good thing that our local markets contain a variety of foods that will suit everyone's personal Food Palate, isn't it? And oh my, almost-all foods in their raw state are super foods that are naturally low in calories. Let's take a glance at a handful to see their nutritious offerings - there for the taking!

weight loss motivation Pomegranates hold powerful antioxidant abilities which exceed wine and green tea. Scientific studies point to impressive healthy benefits where pomegranates are concerned such as: reducing skin cancer risks. Pomegranates may also 'kill' breast cancer cells as well as prostate cancer cells.

Pomegranates may also increase memory while reducing risk for Alzheimer's Disease; and they may fight against hardened arteries by making the body resistant to the absorption of bad cholesterol.

weight loss motivation Kiwifruit - like corn, kiwifruit contains lutein which supports healthy vision.

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Kiwifruit may reduce triglycerides which contribute to heart disease; kiwifruit may also reduce risks of blood clots.

weight loss motivation Barley - cooked barley remains full of fiber which contributes to healthy digestive benefits; barley can also assist in reducing bad cholesterol levels; and barley may decrease blood sugar insulin levels.

weight loss motivation Cranberry fights gum disease; as well as assists in combating urinary tract issues.

Cranberry also fights against cancer and may protect the body from E. coli.

Cranberries have also been associated in stroke prevention.

In Weight Loss Summary

The above healthy foods are just a small capsule of the powers contained within natural raw foods. Grab a bunch next time you visit your local market and you'll be grabbing a basket full of good health!

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