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Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Which type of dieter are you? Determining such could assist in getting rid of those pesky pounds forever!

weight loss motivation The 'I don't have time to do that' dieter.

Unfortunately, if an individual doesn't take time to monitor their daily diet as well as their activity level, they will never retain control over their weight. Sure! It's not easy and yes - dieting can be a state of misery, as well as making time for a healthy dose of exercise. But anything worth anything is certainly worth our undivided attention, particularly if it makes us feel better, look our best and increases our longevity.

weight loss motivation The 'I don't have money to diet; dieter.

Truthfully, healthier foods do tend to be less of a bargain than junk foods. A package of snack cakes can still be found for about a dollar and will provide 6-12 servings depending upon the product purchased. Try getting 12 servings out of a dollar's worth of fruit.

Therefore, be diligent and always be on the alert to the specials at the market which are based on availably, as well as the season of the year. Canned and frozen fruits and vegetables may also be a good buy when fresh foods are not in season. Also check for coupons that can be applied towards the food purchased.

Our best suggestion is to plant a garden! Gardening can be fun, inexpensive and will provide a healthy dose of activity in the process. A tiny package of seeds - or even seeds that have been extracted from a store-bought veggie will render a plethora of healthy pickings!

Diet cartoon by Diet Bites

weight loss motivation The 'I don't like diet food dieter.

We agree - many commercially prepared diet friendly foods get the big STINKO from us.

So let's turn to the non-commercially prepared foods - those foods in their natural state.

Although natural foods are rarely (if ever) considered as 'Diet Foods' they are indeed!

And they are the healthiest diet foods on the planet.

It's difficult to match the beauty, the flavor, the texture and the color of a plum in its natural state, particularly when the plum is exceptionally sweet.

For a teeny 30 calories, that 50-calorie rice cake is sure lookin' poor.

In Weight Loss Summary

By making time for a healthy diet, a healthy dose of exercise as well as choosing foods that are closest to their natural state, you'll be giving your body a gift that cannot be measured in monetary value.

It's like giving your body a free gift. The gift of health and perhaps a longer life. Definitely one with a much higher quality.

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