Letting Your Diet Hair Down

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Unfortunately, some of the happiest moments and times of our lives are accompanied by weight gain.

Fact is - when most individuals are happy, they tend to relax not only their bodies and their mental state, but their daily diet. Food is almost-always associated with happy events, from weddings to vacations.

And more often than not, more food may be consumed - and comfort foods that tend to be high in fat and calories are often the choice of the day.

During these times, it's vital that the individual embrace motivation in the area of keeping their weight on track. If not, a train wreck is imminent! Here are some tips that can help prevent weight gain as well as motivate the dieter to keep on track for weight loss results:

Rather than concentrating on the array of foods, concentrate on 'the magic of the moment'.

Be sure to choose wisely when it comes to the foods that you want to put inside your body. Opting for foods closest to their natural state is a great Rule of Diet Thumb in situations were calorie content is unavailable.

Newlyweds, college students and new mom's tend to be at high risk for weight gain.

College students may miss the nutritional meals prepared at home and scramble to find foods that are readily accessible due to their busy schedule. The downside is that foods that tend to be easily accessible also tend to be high in calories and fat content. The exception of course, is fresh fruit and veggies, but due to their short shelf life, they may not be on the shopping list of many college students. Then again, who has time to shop? In addition, because college students may be short on time due to 'study overload', this factors into the Zero-to-Little Activity Equation.

The new mom is still adjusting to her thinner shape and may continue to 'eat for two' after the baby arrives.

It takes a while for our eyes to adjust to changes in the mirror, and once the baby arrives, the new mom may unconsciously associate her thinner shape with being much thinner than it actually is - thus feeling that she can eat more than their current weight supports.

Please note that lactating moms OR women who have recently experienced childbirth should NEVER go on a restricted daily diet plan without supervision from their doctor as the body is still in recovery mode for about 6 months after childbirth.

Diet cartoon by Diet Bites

Newlyweds in particular can go from thin to thick in a flash as they adjust to a new lifestyle.

They may also dine-out more frequently on foods which have a high potential of generating weight gain. Or, they may not be as active as they were in the past - and may simply enjoy one another's company in front of the tube. And some newlyweds may feel as though they have finally 'made a catch' so keeping their trimmer figure is not longer an issue.

The other factor to consider is that more often than not, couples diet heavily before the wedding - particularly brides to be. When the big day arrives, it's time to 'let their Diet Hair down'! Time to enjoy the moment - and rightfully so! Wedding cake, wedding punch and spirits, beautiful treats, lovely food.....and then the gates to the honeymoon suite slowly open....featuring more fun, more food and so forth - all ample avenues for ample weight gain.

Odd but true, becoming ill can totally derail a smart, effective diet plan.

Example: Dieter Fran recently lost 12 pounds on her weight loss plan over the course of a month. Because her restricted daily diet was lacking important nutrients, her immune system became weakened - so when a strain of flu began hitting local areas, she was one of the first to succumb to illness. Because she was initially so ill, her weight was the last thing on her mind - and again, rightfully so! However, the situation took a downslide as Fran slowly recovered, opting for her old favorite comfort foods which temporarily made her feel better. In turn, weight gain ensued and soon, she was back to her former weight.

In Weight Loss Summary

Food is almost-always associated with happy times in life. If one must let their Diet Hair down, in order to prevent weight gain, they must put it back up again come the morrow.

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