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Basically everyone in the universe is consumed with size and shape - whether it involves weight or the size of a particular body area. And these days, everything is better bigger - except when it comes to weight.....

Let's look into Elena's personal world and discover the things that she is concerned with in relation to size, as well as shape:

weight loss motivation Elena desires to weigh a certain number of pounds.

weight loss motivation She also desires to consume a certain number and a certain variety of foods and beverages without adding more pounds.

weight loss motivation Although Elena cannot easily control the size and shape of many areas of her body, she can control the size and shape of certain areas of the body to a good degree via her daily diet. The foods and beverages that she consumes can make these areas larger, or keep them at their normal size when she is at her recommended weight. Examples include: upper arms, hips, thigh areas.

But because Elena enjoys some foods more than others, it can be difficult at times to keep her weight in prospective. Even when she follows the Official Food Pyramid closely, her weight will at times go up.

Calories Differ in ALL the Fruit Groups

Unfortunately, the calorie content of all fruits are not created equally - nor is the calorie content of the remaining food groups.

While a small banana contains around 100 calories, a plum contains about 30 calories although each count as a serving from the Fruit Group.

Therefore, even when choosing healthy foods from the Official Food Pyramid - an individual will gain weight if calorie (energy) intake exceeds calorie needs (the energy required to support the current weight of the body).

Diet cartoon by Diet Bites

The 2000 Calorie Diet

This Diet Bites page demonstrates a daily diet based on about 2,000 calories with a menu based on the Official Food Group Recommendations.

The total calories consumed on this daily diet plan equal about 1,800 calories which leaves room for discretionary calories.

Also on the page is another chart that is also based on the Official Food Pyramid Recommendations and contains the recommended servings.

Although all food choices are healthy, the food choices contain far more calories than the chart above.

In Summary

Even the healthiest of choices must be chosen wisely and the calories budgeted within the daily diet plan in order to prevent weight gain.

Calories matter when it comes to both healthy as well as unhealthy food choices.

And the number of calories that we consume in our daily diet controls the size and shape of our bodies. So when it comes to food choices, size and shape truly matter!

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