Weight Loss Tips: Fried & True

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Oh My - This Could Get Heavy....

Rocky is not a Happy Diet Camper. He's trying his best to drop five unwanted pounds yet his cave-wife Doris keeps tempting him with her fried wonderments - fried Rex, fried okra, fried zucchini, fried Pterodactyl, fried mushrooms - fried everything!

How Natural Raw Foods Go From Minimal Calories to Falling Off a Cliff Like a Lead Balloon

Here is how fried can take an otherwise healthy food to Diet Hades in a Hand Basket - in a flash:

Potato - 1 cup of potato in its raw natural state contains about 120 calories. 1 cup of fried potatoes contains about 425 calories. 1 cup of dipped and battered fries can contain 500 or more calories.

Zucchini - 1 cup of sliced zucchini in its raw natural state contains about 18 calories. 1 cup of fried zucchini dipped in egg and then battered with cornmeal contains about 450 or more calories, depending upon how thick the batter is packed-on.

Sorry, but fried Rex and fried Pterodactyl calories are unavailable at this time in space. Nonetheless, it doesn't take a Diet Rocket Scientist to see that Rocky is experiencing a rocky road along his journey to weight loss success, and it has nothing to do with ice cream.

If only Doris were more understanding, but she had never experienced a Fat Day in her life.

In fact, her entire family was stick-thin, including her mother whose box-like mouth was actually two times wider than the woman herself, Rocky went on to silently contemplate amid his Weight Loss Crisis.

Yes indeed, it was difficult trying to lose weight when one lived with an individual who just didn't understand and who also had no empathy towards his weight loss desires.

Diet cartoon by Diet Bites

In Weight Loss Summary

In the end, Rocky decided that no matter how much he loved Doris, that he had to take aggressive measures in losing weight by embracing a healthier cooking process.

The following day, he drug out his rusty grill and from that day going forward, he grilled his foods, thus eventually losing all the unwanted weight. However, it wasn't much fun sleeping in the Dinodog house with yappy little Marvin while doing such.....

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