Beans, Beans, The Musical Fruit

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Beans, beans the musical fruit can wreak havoc on the old tooty-fruity; just ask Dieter Ug if you have any doubts.....

Ug has just embraced a daily diet rich in beans, and let us tell you that Ug's diet is a real gas. This is an example of his daily diet plan:

Caveman Breakfast Menu

1 small ostrich egg, 1 slice of whole grain toast, a pat of margarine, 1 cup of goat milk

Mid-Morning Snack - 1 small handful of pumpkin seeds from a pumpkin leftover from his fall garden

Caveman Lunch Menu

1 cup of pinto beans, 1 small sweet potato (again, from his fall garden), 1 cup of broccoli (compliments of his grandfather's garden), 1 slice of whole wheat bread and 1 cup of goat milk

Mid-After Snack - 1 large slice of cantaloupe

Caveman Supper Menu

1 cup of black beans, 2 steamed corn tortilla shells, salsa, pickled jalapeno peppers, 1 serving of Spanish rice prepared with roasted peppers and roasted tomatoes plus chili powder and garlic, and Ug also enjoys another slice of cantaloupe for dessert

Evening Snack - 1 cup of popped corn

Later that evening at Ug's son's birthday party amid the Piņata game, Ug unintentionally blew the swinging object from the cave ceiling, his efforts so formidable that they also carried away a very frightened, very blindfolded little Ella along with them - Piņata bat and all. It took ten strong cave guys as well as assistance from a Triceratops to dislodge little Ella from the weeping willow tree where she eventually ended-up (no pun intended).

In viewing Ug's daily diet menu, it is indeed a quite-healthy mix. However, it is plied with more gas than Dallas has cars on a Monday morning at seven am.

The good news is that Ug's daily diet can be easily modified to contain a healthy mix of foods that are less likely to produce gassy effects in combination with the beans.

Diet cartoon by Diet Bites

In Weight Loss Summary

Many healthy foods are accompanied with gassy effects, so plan your daily diet menu wisely. Let's use Ug's diet menu above to suggest some less gassy suggestions:

Weight Loss Motivation Rather than the gassy eggs for breakfast, Ug could have cut the effects by enjoying a small stack of pancakes served with fresh sliced peaches and a serving of real whipped cream.

Weight Loss Motivation Melons tend to be very gassy, so a couple of fresh apricots would have made a less-gassy option for Ug at snack time.

Weight Loss Motivation Peppers are notorious when it comes to gassy effects, as is corn. For supper, Ug can replace the Spanish rice for plain rice and the corn tortillas with flour tortillas and forego a lot of gas. For lunch, replacing the sweet potato with a white potato can also assist in offsetting the gassy effects.

Weight Loss Motivation Seeds and popcorn are also Gas Generators and Ug would experience less gassy effects by replacing these foods with those that produce less-gassy effects.

The great Diet News is that beans (legumes) make an excellent choice for dieters. The rich fiber that produces the gassy effects works wonderfully-well in keeping the dieter feeling full for longer periods of time.

Now if you'll excuse us for now. We must go and repair our Ug graphic as Ug's volume of gas blew our little 'D' completely out of Diet Bites. Oh well - it's always something.....

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